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DavesGarden.com attracts over 2 million passionate enthusiasts, the opinion and thought leaders in the gardening category, each month who generate over 12 million pageviews. Build your brand by engaging with our audience of avid, mainly female gardeners and sell your products to people who make gardening purchases year-round.

According to a Dave's Garden survey in February 2009:

  • 38% would be influenced by ads/trial offers seen on DG
  • 55% would purchase from a different source if coupons/discounts were provided

  • Why enthusiasts are important

    Enthusiast sites like Dave's Garden offer a new advertising target where brands and consumers converse and advertising impressions are maximized because they are being seen by people who have a clear interest in products and services they associate with their enthusiasm. Enthusiasts enjoy being “opinion setters” to their friends and family and they are passionate about the brands and services they adopt, freely sharing their advice online and in person.

    Research by A.C. Neilsen and Knowledge Networks, Inc., confirm that enthusiasts are early adopters of new technology, new products and new ideas. Most important, enthusiasts are big spenders on their hobbies and passions. Neilsen notes they are, 'more likely to be heavy category buyers. They purchase significantly more of the category than non-adopters and tend to get ‘hooked’ on the category early on. Early adopters purchased almost double the amount of later adopters.'

    When Internet savvy members see an ad for your product and try it out, they are likely to share their results, spreading the word about your product for you. DG members rate businesses on Dave's Garden by posting their comments on the award winning Garden Watchdog.

    For additional information, please contact us at adsales@davesgarden.com.

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