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Ask-a-Dave's-Gardener (*)
Beginner Flowers
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Beginner Gardening Questions
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From House to Home:

Clean and Clutter-free
Garden Shed
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Accessible Gardening (*)
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High Yield Gardening
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Hydroponic Gardening (*)
Indoor Gardening and Houseplants (*)
Insect and Spider Identification
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Irrigation Systems
Market Growers (*)
Native Plants and Wild Plants (*)
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Country Living:

Equine Forum (*)
Farm Life (*)
Poultry and Livestock

Specific Kinds of Plants:

African Violets and Gesneriads (*)
Agastaches and Salvias (*)
Amaryllis and Hippeastrums (*)
Aroids (*)
Begonias (*)
Bromeliads (*)
Brugmansias (*)
Cacti and Succulents (*)
Cannas (*)
Carnivorous Plants (*)
Caudiciforms (*)
Clematis (*)
Coleus (*)
Coneflowers (*)
Dahlias (*)
Daturas (*)
Daylilies (*)
Dianthus (*)
Ferns, Mushrooms, Fungi and Mosses (*)
Fruits and Nuts (*)
Fuchsias (*)
Geraniums, Pelargoniums and Erodiums (*)
Gingers (*)
Gladiolus (*)
Grass and Bamboo (*)
Heucheras and Friends (*)
Hibiscus (*)
Hostas (*)
Hoyas (*)
Hydrangeas (*)
Irises (*)
Japanese Maples (*)
Legumes (*)
Lilies (*)
Morning Glories (*)
Mums and Asters (*)
Oleanders (*)
Orchid Cactus (*)
Orchids (*)
Ornamental Gourds
Palms and Cycads (*)
Passifloras (*)
Peonies (*)
Peppers (*)
Plumerias (*)
Poppies (*)
Rhododendrons and Relatives (*)
Roses (*)
Tomatoes (*)
Tropical Fruits (*)
Violas and Violettas (*)

Cooking and Entertaining:

Canning, Freezing and Drying (*)
Recipes (*)

Plant and Seed Trading:

Group Trades, Swaps and Round Robins (*)
International Trading (*)
Plant Trading (*)
Seed Trading (*)


Crafts and Decorating (*)
Mosaics and Stained Glass
Needle Arts
Pottery, Clay and Ceramics
Scrapbooking and Paper Crafts
Sewing and Quilting
Soap and Candle-making
Trash to Treasure

US Regional Gardening Forums:

California Gardening (*)
Carolina Gardening (*)
Central Midwest Gardening (*)
Florida Gardening (*)
Georgia Gardening (*)
Michigan Gardening (*)
Mid-Atlantic Gardening (*)
Mid-South Gardening (*)
Northeast Gardening (*)
Ohio River Valley Gardening (*)
Pacific Northwest Gardening (*)
Rocky Mountain Gardening (*)
Southwest Gardening (*)
Texas Gardening (*)
Upper Midwest Gardening (*)

International Gardening Forums:

Australian and New Zealand Gardening
Canadian Gardening (*)
European Gardening (*)
Tropical Zone Gardening

Leisurely Pursuits:

Antiques and Collectibles
Bird Watching
Books, Movies, and TV
Cameras and Photography
Computer Talk
Hypertufa and Concrete (*)
Pets (*)
Photos (*)
Weather (*)
Wildlife (*)

Dave's Garden Community:

Bloom of the Day Photos
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Memory Garden (*)
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Voting Booth
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Family Matters:

Caregivers (*)
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Health and Beauty:

Beauty and Fashion Tips
Healthy Living (*)

Back Porch:

Games (*)
Garden Showcase
Happy Birthday (*)
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