paper cutting

Plano, TX

has anyone tried paper cutting as an art? like the old fashioned pictures that were cut out of black --i want to try it and am hoping someone has some ideas on where to get the patterns

Mequon, WI(Zone 4b)

Are you talking about Scherenschnitte?

Try some of these links:

I haven't seen any books in the craft stores for quite a few years, but you can also use scroll saw patterns.

Plano, TX

yes that is what i am talking about but i want more modern and easy patterns--the one i bought online is of a bird in a branch--but it was 5 dollars and i don't want to pay that much for each one--
do you do that type of art?

Mequon, WI(Zone 4b)

I used to do it many years ago. I've since sold all my pattern books in a yard sale :(

Check your library for scroll saw patterns - there may be some that are fairly simple!

Plano, TX

any hints to how to do it

Mequon, WI(Zone 4b)

You can try this link for instructions:

Booneville, AR

hi planolinda im new to gd but not to paper cutting i have done that for 20 years or more, love just about all the patterns i have done in the years past. i like to cut on glass using an xacto would like it , its very easy i also love scrap art . elenbrown designs are good and easy you might check ans see if she still has these posted on the web. let me know how you like paper cutting.

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