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Attracting bees to a Skep

Liverpool, NY

My wife bought me a woven reed type skep for fathers day and I'm wondering
A: Can I actually get honey bees to occupy a skep, and If so, how do I go about it? I've read that anise oil will attract honey bees.
B: Where do I locate the skep? It's open on the bottom, bell shaped. Do I place it on the ground? Under an eve? On a stand?
I don't plan on harvesting honey, I just want to help honey bees out by providing shelter and food for a colony.


Forestville, NY

The Skep you got is only for decoration not for keeping bees in. In NY state your not allow to keep bees in skep.

Alexandria, VA(Zone 7b)

Put the skep in the garden OVER an aluminum electrical outlet you want to hide.

Richmond, TX

Very good nb!

Forestville, NY

Love that NP never thought of that.

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