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Raw Food Dishes!!!!!!!!!!

Los Angeles, CA

Hey all!

I'm really into raw food dishes, esepecially since it's more preparation than it is actually cooking. Is anyone else into raw food?

-Diana S.

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St John's, Antigua and Barbuda(Zone 10a)

I love raw fish and oysters and conch but not shrimp and I love steak tartare!

London, United Kingdom

Sushi is raw fish and I like that.
Smoked salmon is raw and I adore that with brown bread, Lemon juice and Black pepper.
Gazpacho is a wonderful cold raw soup, and there are many raw cold soups all over the World!
The list is endless as you can marinate a lot of things, although it might cook it slightly it is still essentially raw.
Regards from England.

St John's, Antigua and Barbuda(Zone 10a)

I am originally from UK and remember everything (esp cabbage) being cooked to death, glad to know people got with the program.. :)

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