Argyle, TX(Zone 7b)

I have about 5 acres with a 1/8 acre garden. What is good to kill chiggers?

Deep East Texas, TX(Zone 8a)

I'm hoping you will find the answer. I've NEVER heard of anything that will kill chiggers, only provide relief after the bite... sorry. pod

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Water Valley, MS(Zone 7a)

You can spray with any insecticide that uses permethrin as the active ingredient.
Such as:

Read and follow all directions carefully (shouldn't be used around streams or ponds).

Or if you have an ex, you can use them as a trap crop.

Argyle, TX(Zone 7b)

Thanks, especially about the suggestion for the "trap crop". lol

Water Valley, MS(Zone 7a)

Or as W.C.Fields would say: If you lack an ex, several small children would probably do.

Blanket, TX(Zone 7b)

My package of Sulphur says that it works to get rid of chiggers by broadcasting it through the yard! I haven't tried it, as I don't have trouble with them here, but it might be worth a try, as all the references I've found online are very positive about sulphur for this purpose.

Also, it is my understanding that chiggers will not live in St Augustine grass. My grandad told me that was the main reason he planted our lawns in it, to prevent chiggers. And I don't remember them being in clover when I was a kid either.

I hope this helps!


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