Ransom over Rails

Victoria, TX(Zone 9b)

Event saddle - check
Full cheek slow twist bridle - check
Helmet - check
Half Chaps - check
Horse - check

Headed to the arena, camcorder on the charge. Friend and appointed babysitter-de-jour showed up a little while later, Ransom running around the arena flipping wild! See, Momma gave the whip a little action as the big fella was refusing to canter in warmups. One SNAP! and he decided running like a wild racehorse was in order. Goober!

Hopped on, got my event-saddle bearings. Realized quickly that Ransom was about the same steady fella he always is. Walk, trot, a little canter. Tried cantering a bit all the way 'round the arena, light two point seat. A secure canter two point, but more side-to-side motion rather than the forward/back rock from my dressage seat. Pretty cool... neat I was able to recognize the difference.

I trotted a lap around the arena, pointed at the low crossrail I'd set up,
took a deep breath
looked up & over
tuck the hiney

As we landed, I squealed in pure delight. Ransom jumps! He doesn't step over, not even that low. He doesn't just barely clear, either - he really jumps! I hopped off and watched the video clip my girlfriend was taking. She pointed out my shoulders were super-caved in. I realized why I was doing it - hands resting on his withers, I was letting my shoulders sink towards him.

Tried it again, and again, and again. Each time, it was auto-pilot. Point him at the fence, and stay in the middle. I tried to concentrate on staying out of his mouth over the rail, and have open shoulders. This will take much more practice. I also discovered about half way through the ride my knees weren't anywhere near the rollpads on my saddle - need to raise the stirrups up a hole or two. Added to the list for the next ride. We hopped over about a half dozen times in total.

Each jump, it felt like he started out a serious ways in front of the fence. He'll pause for a split second, his toosh sinks a little, and he pushes over the rail. He doesn't stretch up over or reach for it, he pushes up & over. Very Very cool! First few, he landed in the wrong lead, which I realized, but I didn't put much effort into fixing it. Last few, he landed in the correct lead, and I'd let him canter a circle or so before asking for trot again. Each fence was trot to, canter from.

Completely phenominal. I do wish my camcorder would transfer to the board - I'd glady share. Ya'll could certainly critique, and I know what everyone would find - get those heels down, open up my shoulders, and smile (!). So it wasn't beautiful, but we've got to start somewhere.

Social Circle, GA(Zone 8a)

Put it on youtube!!!! I wanna see!

Congrats again! How exciting!

South Hamilton, MA

He is a pro! I'm waiting for a yr for GD's reaction when she goes to school & jumps with a trained horse. 'Alice' will get a comuppance with a trained rider. It must be fun to jump with a horse who knows what he is doing.

Victoria, TX(Zone 9b)

Iris - My exact words during my ride. I asked my friend, "So that's what a done horse feels like." She said, "yup, that's what a made, done, trained ride feels like. cool, huh?"

Heck ya cool! stunning cool! Neat fun!

Metro DC, MD(Zone 7a)

Congratulations! Riding a 'made horse' over fences certainly goes a long way with developing confidence as a rider. Doesn't it feel great?! You're going to have a lot of fun with him, especially as you can mix it up and not do the same ol' things on him all of the time.

I lost a lot of confidence in my jumping in recent years because my horse had poor form and I didn't get didn't build the foundation skills for him. My trainer at the time was far from helpful, so things only got worse. One day I'll get another horse and he'll be a better match for me over fences. You're going to have a blast - I envy you that.

Victoria, TX(Zone 9b)

I like that I can now Mix It Up!

We can have a trail day (ooh.. that reminds me.. I need to copy & paste an email piece from his previous owner.. that whole AQHA registry search has turned up the coolest trainer lady.... I now know how "Tidal Wave" name came into it.)
Then we can have a jump day
Then we can have a dressage day

Keep things fresh.. so neither of us gets bored.

So Cool!

Metro DC, MD(Zone 7a)

Absitively ... I have a general rule of never doing more than two days in a row of dressage/ring-work. So, on the third day, even if my focus is on dressage and not jumping, I'll do a 'working' trail ride ... leg yield around the next bend ... half pass both directions through an open field ... throw in some volte, renvers, you get the picture. Same deal with jumping. If you have trails or a place where you can hack out, then it's nice to have some logs or fences to leap over.

It's good for the horse's brain and it's good for the rider's brain, too.

Back to work I go...

Huron, OH(Zone 5b)

DD does the same. One day trail around the feilds,next flat, then jump. Now that the fair is around the corner, she throws in some contesting too. Definitly helps with the bordom factor.

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