As Farmers age, plans match asapirants with pros

Louisville, KY

As farmers age, plans match aspirants with pros
By SHARON COHEN AP National Writer
He quit his job and drove his wife and their four young daughters across country, a 21st-century pioneer lured to these faraway farm fields by the promise of a life-changing deal with an older stranger.

Lewisville, MN(Zone 4a)

My son & I have a working agreement that lets him have 100% of the farm when my wife & I are gone.
I realize we don't have the million dollar investment of "normal" farmers, but nonetheless no matter how big a farm, you need a head start.

Nice rain overnight so this farm will continue on as a profitable venture.


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Panama, NY(Zone 5a)

NYS has a program through Cornell Cooperative Extension that places young people in relationships with farmers who are headed toward retirement. A young man who went to school with our kids worked with a farmer near my parents, taking over a 200 cow herd and growing it into a 1000 cow herd. At the moment, he's moving everything to Texas, though even his wife has doubts about the move.

We have a young Amishman who would very much like to buy our cows, let us retain ownership of the farm and have Stan put up the hay so that he can maintain the milking system, silo unloaders, barncleaner, and bulk tank. If we own it, the electricity can stay. Stan's not quite ready for the transition and with the way milk prices are, he doesn't want to doom Ray to failure. It's wait and see here.

Some lovely sun and heat here, finally. Things are growing like crazy.

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