Salvia seed....

Keaau, HI

I just moved to the tropics and am in search of tropical species of Salvia to grow from seed.

Thanks, Andy

Townsville, Australia(Zone 10a)

A lot of salvias love the tropics and adapt, I also live smack in the middle of the tropics, what r u chasing, i have seeds of fluviatalis,caymanensis,madrensis,subrotunda, coccineas in all shades, and lots of others, lmk.


Keaau, HI

Hi Annette,
Thanks for your email....I am chasing pretty much anything that is showy...sorry to be so vague. I am in new territory here as I am pretty unfamiliar with this climate....80 to 85 F everyday with about 80 to 100 inches of rain a year. If I lived in a perfect world I would love to get gravida and dombeyi. May have to get cuttings on those two from the mainland US.
Thanks Andy

Keaau, HI

OOOPS....I guess it would help if I told you what I already have seed of....'Yvonne', 'Tequila', karwinskii, and 'Tall Peach'. I have seen leucantha and guaranitica 'Black and Blue' in the nurseries over here. Thanks again!!

Townsville, Australia(Zone 10a)

I have seed of the macrophylla x sagittata (some come true and others throw different colours),I have 'Helen Dillon' which is more purpley and grows to 6ft tall and a few others send me your addie and I will send some various seeds to play with. I think I have some iodantha seed collected as well........

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