Famous plant patholist dies

southeast, NE

I thought the following was interesting. I following this sydicated writer's weekly articles religiously. I immediately go to Mr. Guebert's section when I read the Sunday paper. Normally, his writing tends to be anti corporporate farming and he tends to fault USDA with many issues.


Paris, TN(Zone 6b)

Hmmmm, I had read of this gentleman's death earlier. What caught my eye in this article that you posted was this statement by the 'father of the Green revolution'....

"From there, it was a very small step even for an ailing Borlaug to, again, jab "some elements of popular culture (who) romanticize older, inefficient production methods and shun fertilizers and pesticides, arguing that the U.S. should revert to producing only organic foods."

If I recall correctly, Mr Borlaug was employed by DuPont at one time, not exactly a green reputation company. I'm not familiar with the rest of his work, or how much genetic engineering played a part. It's great that people were able to grow food in under-developed countries from his work. It is my personal feeling that lack of food is never the issue, but rather distribution. But that's kinda off topic :)

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