October journal

Panama, NY(Zone 5a)

It is crisp out this morning, flannel and sweatshirt weather, but the sky is mostly clear. I imagine that there's frost in the valleys, but up here on the hill it's all green yet. I hope to get some outside work done today, but that remains to be seen. We've been having lake effect rain the last few days - warm lake waters with cooler air rushing up the escarpment and dropping moisture - at least it's not snow.

Stan has been doing some barn repairs the last few days, making a new part for the barn cleaner and welding some stalls. Last week when the weather was better he got most of the house painted.

Janet, what happened to your calves is downright gruesome. I hope all the rest are well now.

Our two silos started their lives on other farms. We had a crew of Mennonites from Penn Yan NY move them for us. When we had the second one moved, our DGS was 3 and he and Stan met the crew in Clymer for lunch after going to the other farm to watch them tear down. When they got back in the truck after lunch, Tom, who had been very quiet during lunch, looked at Stan and said, "Granpa, did they bring the destructions with them so they know how to put it back together?"

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