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Overwintering areas Humidifier recomendations needed

Brooklyn, NY(Zone 7b)

Yes... indeed .. what's with humidifiers.. I need to get yet another one..... I've piles of household units in shambles.. am I going to have to run awater line from under the sink.. to get a greenhouse grade one that's worthy of a few years of constant winter service... is there a high volume one that's strong...
thanks ------->

(Zone 9a)

Gordon, there are 2 other forums where you might get some advice on this problem. One is the Greenhouse Forum and then there is also a Market Growers Forum where many of the participants have GH's.

Good luck, alice

Brooklyn, NY(Zone 7b)

good idea there Alice... thanks... I'd seen a few in the great Charlies Greenhouse catalog... but they are indeed industral.. and require a hose hook up... I'm already in trouble with the family here... and this front is one I wished to avoid additional static with... everything is a problem..
who wouldn't wish to have a great Garland of Spanish moss hanging up high in the tub area..
I understand.. it's a personal problem... it's now down ..and into anew location.. but there's such a long long list... of them.. I wastrying to find a household unit... so it wouldn't be confused with just something for the plants..

(Zone 9a)

LOL, oh what we go through for our plants.

Calgary, AB(Zone 3a)

How about getting a 30 gallon fish tank. I add an icecream pail of water weekly, due to evaporation. The fish are a nice to look at too.

Windsor, CT(Zone 6a)

You might want to check out one of those decorative "ultrasonic mist makers" or "mist fountains". A friend of mine has one that has lasted for years. The designs can be on the New Age-y side, but there are places where you can buy the parts & design your own.

Brooklyn, NY(Zone 7b)

Joanna... yes.. I think I need to evaporate more water than a bucket..weekly..as it is I water maybe 40-50 gallons of water a week on the plants..that goes into the air...but it's dry in the air.. yes..there's a lot of plants..
Ned..great idea.. I had one for a pond I was running on the roof top.. it looked prhistoric..the fog running out of the pond and across the garden... a red volcaniclight in the pond... I stepped on te fuse holder ... and never replaced it.. I dismantled the pond as I was getting raccoons visiting a bit too much.. and the roof was five stories up [ note: in Brooklyn ]... pictured is one commng down the stairway from the roof... about 2 am.. the cat was havng a fit... and I was wondering what had her so wound up..... I have had a household air-o-swiss $200 untrsonic unit... but it wasn't as strong as the pond unit..and broke after or during the first year.. it never occoured to me to use a beefer pond unit... got to make a container for it to sit in... then I can move it to the roof in the summer.. Thanks

Thumbnail by GordonHawk
Windsor, CT(Zone 6a)

You're welcome. I thought of it only because my friend has the happiest looking living room orchids I've ever seen, and she's not exactly a green thumb.

A pond unit may crank out just what you need. Keep us informed if you decide to try to hack something together.

That's some visitor you had there- no wonder your kitty was upset!

La Grange, TX(Zone 8b)

Gordon, will you be putting a fan behind or somewhere near the fogger to get the fog up and into the air rather than have it fall around the unit? My DH gave me a hydrofogger I haven't hooked up yet, but the fan in the unit is a must. I have also seen misting fans. Price runs from fairly cheap to "Oh my God ' Most can be connected to a hose.

You might also consider a simple patio misting kit on a timer

Brooklyn, NY(Zone 7b)

Ned.. yes.. I'm a building.... thanks... just have to choose a unit..they come in single and then multiple ultrasonic disks.. I think the one I had was a double... without lights...I used an underwater light for my volcano look.. maybe something a big bigger this time.. and it's still three times the size.. 1/3 the price of the tiny and weak air-o-swiss unit..
Veronica.. yes.. I'd thought of a fan.. but then thought of putting it 8-10 ft above the floor.. and letting it drift down.. these make a real fog.. the patio units have a much bigger droplet size.. and might give more water to the floors.. I'd love to have it filled by a water hook up.. but the areas I was thinkingof ar a bit too far away from any water supply.. a 30 ' run above the suspended sheet rock ceiling might be as much bother as a winters filling @ 10 minutes/day..
hr's a link to a three head unit w/ lights.. likely programable to change it to different colors..
Down in Chickotee VA there was a minature golf placewith lots of these fog uni going.. around every hole.. what a misical experience.. love the look..
thanks all...

Calgary, AB(Zone 3a)

Honeywell used to have a steam humidifier (probably still do) which is install on a plenum and has a reverse osmosis and carbon filter combo for clean humidification. The basin is stainless steel, so rust free. With the prefiltration, there is very little corrosion or mineral buildup. Also with steam humidification, the steam is more effective than the flow-thru types. You get what you pay for.

Calgary, AB(Zone 3a)

The model I had described , which I have in my house, is now obsolete. Here is the new version of the steam humidifier.

Brooklyn, NY(Zone 7b)

that's definately better than ones with the pads.. I have hot water heat.. and no central air unit to put it in.. it looks like a nice unit.. for thoes so equiped

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