Free Document Shredding

Richmond, TX(Zone 9a)

I thought we had a recycling forum but don't see one. Like many of you, I've been on a tear, doing some fall spruce up. One of the chores was to discard about 10 boxes w/ tax records, old letters, etc. that are no longer needed. I have a desktop shredder but I wasn't looking forward to hours and hours shredding the stuff in my 10 boxes.

By coincidence, Keep Sugar Land Beautiful, a local civic group, had posted an ad offering free document shredding with the option to witness your own documents being destroyed. Doing further research I found a couple of professional document shredding services that offer free shredding a couple of hrs each week. You can bring as much as you want, and you can also witness the shredding if you need that extra assurance. The company does it as community service but they keep the shreds and sell to paper mfgrs. I would have liked to keep my shreds to put in my compost pile, but not an option. I was OK w/ that since this free service took that 10 boxload off my to do list.

I thought I'd share this so readers might find a similar arrangement in their community, either thru a civic organization or thru a business offering as community service.

springfield area, MO(Zone 5b)

we take our shreddables to our parents a couple times a year and burn them in the fireplace.
I tried a shredder and just found myself burning them out, they are really flimsy and last no time at all. And when you shredding two or three sheets at a time it takes forever.

waukesha, WI(Zone 5a)

Some banks will offer shredding services, our did and we got rid of old mortage documents, and other papers we would not have liked to see go into a land fill. You can contact any of the "big" shredding services and see if they offer any free or reduced price shredding. We shred most stuff regularly and use the shredded waste in compost. Home shredders aren't built for heavy use.

Naples, FL(Zone 10a)

Naples, FL has free shredding on 11/28 (I believe) They are collecting all kinds of household things, lightbulbs, old prescriptions, oils, batteries.

Richmond, TX(Zone 9a)

more coincidences! I was leafing thru a catalog and found these scissors:

Perfect for when you have 1-2 sheets that you want to destroy right away instead of putting in the "to be shredded" pile.

mid central, FL(Zone 9a)

nery, lol, only you could find shredding scissors!

we have a Fellowes OD1500C shredder. it has shredded at least a large kitchen trash bag of stuff every month for the past 3 years. i love it!!! does credit cards too...sigh

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