Nov 15 Show Results

Victoria, TX(Zone 9b)

I should have some really awesome pictures and some great video from yesterday. I haven't blogged details yet, and I left my score sheets at home...

But here's the skinny of it.
Equitation w/t/c - only Adult Ammy in the ring. Judge said "good job sitting up solid & straight, horse needs more forward energy". She asked for canter on the long side, so I turned to a circle to get it. Was scolded for this decision, but stickit! :) I am riding Training Level for a reason!!! :)

Training Level #1 - 59%. (Yuck, I know)... BUT! Judge again.. Because that was FIRST place out of Six!

Training Level #2 - 61% (Yuck still, right?) BUT! Yet again... Judge... THIRD out of Seven!

Can you believe it? I felt like we did MUCH better! He didn't have a mental fart ride, he paid super good attention, didn't blink at the trains, and scored us FIRST PLACE!!! (Out of more than three! LOL) In TL2, I was smiling & laughing the WHOLE RIDE! I made the serious decision to smile, laugh, and ENJOY the test, no matter how she'd score us.

Wheeeee! Fun day overall.. now I'm ready to rest, and so is Ransom.

South Hamilton, MA

Glad that Ransom had a better attitude. You all will go forward that way. Our younger daughter's cross country coach emphasized 'personal best' & the team ran well. Glad that you both came home safely.

Huron, OH(Zone 5b)

Good to hear. The more experience, the more confidence you get. You two deserve a rest.

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