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Delphi, IN

A few years back I wanted to participate as a company in the PlantScout, and at that time it may have been new, since you had to email Dave's Garden to get set up. I emailed but never received a response and never pursued it again until now. It looks as though it is now much simpler and they even take PayPal as payment which is certainly a plus to me.

I wasn't sure where to post my question(s), so thought I'd try here first over the General Discussion and Chat forum since all of you must participate in selling something. I tried to click on the link PlantScout Discussion Forum (which was listed on a page with information about becoming a participant company in PlantScout), but it is my guess that you actually have to be a participant company before you can access that forum, because I could not get there or find it among all the other forums, and that is where the link took me to when I tried...the list of *all* the forums. So before participating, I have a (or some) question(s).

I guess first off, are there any here who have their own websites and participate in PlantScout? Although I have way over 100 items, I thought I'd like to start there. If you list 100 different items (plants seeds or bulbs), can you easily change those items at a later point? Let's say for instance one year I have used up my 100 limit, and then the next year I add a new item, and want to swap that particular item out with one of the 100 I already have listed, can that be easily done? Also, how easy would it be to upgrade from 100 to more items?

Thanks for any input, and if I should be using another forum for these questions, thanks for that info. too.


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