Question on using cedar to rid codling moths

Millersburg, MI

Please help, I have several apple trees, which have been infested with codling moths, it started about 2 years ago. I was wondering if I could use cedar branches laid around the base of the trees to repel them, or I do have a chipper could I chip the branches to use as mulch? Last spring I power washed the trunks, that seemed to help a little. Or is there something out there that is better but still organic.


Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

Here's an article about controlling them. The non-chemical methods are obviously organic, but it sounds like they're not good by themselves when you already have a good population going so you may need to use an insecticide as well. Of the insecticides they mention, Spinosad is organic and I believe you can get organic horticultural oils as well. Carbaryl/Seven is not organic. (I doubt cedar branches are going to do much for you--I'd try some of the things suggested in the article instead)

Millersburg, MI

Great article, thank you ecrane3, I've learned alot. It looks like you right, I'll need to use a combo. I didn't know what the larve or their caseing looked like before now. I also have them in the front lawn about 100 or so feet from the nearest apple tree. Over 20 years ago there once was an apple tree there.

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