Truly Shocking...

(Daniel) Mount Orab, OH(Zone 6b)

Well, the pic kinda explains itself... It's only one Blue Star plant and 2 Southern Magnolias. It used to be full of Dahlias, Nasturtiums, Love-in-a-mist, and 1 President Tyler MG and a Cardinal Climber Vine(what's really ironic is that I was fervently warned by DG'er that sent them to me that they were extremely invasive!). The Blue Star MG ate everything and more.

Thumbnail by DMgardener
Ashdown, AR(Zone 8a)

In the south MG's are almost as bad as kudzu. I've been battling the MG's in my yard for years and they still keep coming back because by end of summer I'm just wore out from pulling vines before they have a chance to self sew.

I love the look of MG's but not the habit of climbing all over EVERYTHING so I'm switch to JMG(Ipomoea nil) which aren't as aggressive and apparently don't set copious ammounts of seeds.

Calgary, AB(Zone 3a)

Wow that has lots of flowers. I have had MG self seed (Star of Yelta) here in Zone 3, so you may want to deadhead those flowers before they set seed.

(Daniel) Mount Orab, OH(Zone 6b)

No need to deadhead, all the water this year rotted every viable seed!

Easton, PA(Zone 6b)

Sorry DMgardener. I still got a lot of mg plants and seeds this year. The water/weather did in my peas and sweet peas, but not the morning glories. I figure each seed collected before removing the dead vine is one seedling I don't have to pull out. Anyone wanting Star of Yelta purple morning glories is welcome to dmail me for trade or SASE.

There are some beautiful varieties of I. nil.

Some people on the mg forum are trying them inside. I started a couple of types. I think it would be an interesting "living screen" in my bedroom window.

(Daniel) Mount Orab, OH(Zone 6b)

Sorry to hear about your Sweet Peas, maybe a few self-sowed, and you will get a surprise next Spring!

What does your var of Star of Yalta look like? Is it on the dark side? Or a lighter shade of Purple? And what color is the star? Hope this is not too many questions, GQ.

I think i. nil is THE most beautiful MG, and maybe plant in the world>


Norfolk, VA(Zone 8a)

Still, it is a lovely plant...

(Daniel) Mount Orab, OH(Zone 6b)


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