Simple fall floral

Ashdown, AR(Zone 8a)

We're forecast for some pretty chilly weather this week. Even some hints of snow flurries.Had to prune my purple loropetals down anyway so I grabbed a few leaves of canna Begal Tiger and tossed together an arrangemant for my sofa table.


Second guessing myself after looking at the picture that maybe I should have made the loropetalum closer in lenght to the canna.Looks a little to loose and rangy. Break out the pruners again.

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london England, United Kingdom


Ashdown, AR(Zone 8a)


Langley, WA(Zone 7b)

I really like that. Nice job!

Watseka, IL(Zone 5a)


Christchurch, New Zealand

that is really neat.
I am starting to look at my variegated wiegelia (sp?)
& wishing my poor hosta was a bit healthier looking...
the slugs & snails have been feasting.
hmmm I love getting all these interesting ideas from you clever creative folk here ^_^

Ashdown, AR(Zone 8a)

Slugs did a number on my newly plants hosta Tattoo last year...Dang slimy buggers

Watseka, IL(Zone 5a)

HUm.. domnt seem to have issues with the sluggers...I think the frogs may eat them, but I have yet to see any!

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