Christmas Bulb Planter .. the first one

Brooklyn, NY(Zone 7b)

While..not high art... it does take a minute... once you have the bulb... they make a hollow plastic bulb in some of the bigger sizes... smaller ones tend to be the old glass...or solid foam.. but any sized hollow plastic bulb will do it..
that's the hardest part.. and a good way to package a small plant gift...

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Bellflower, CA

where do you find the bulbs ?

Brooklyn, NY(Zone 7b)

these are about 5" dia bulbs... from CVS pharmacy.. they also had the hollow plastic regular sized ones..
here's the second vrsion... took to cutting it with a utility kife I held the blade in the flame of the stove.. then lightly traced where i wanted to cut.. then reheated and cut some more

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North Port, FL(Zone 9b)

I love that idea!!! Going to try that this weekend........


Danville, IN

Very clever. I bet a garden club could create a most unusual a tree as a group project. Another idea would be to make small terrariums out of those clear plastic ornaments.

Edinburg, TX

It's much too humid and the mosquitoes are am inside browsing old these planters!!! Great idea!!!

Brooklyn, NY(Zone 7b)

it was only 3:30 PM.. what in the world is going on that the mosquitoes are already out..
thanks for enjoying the idea/concept... got a kick and a memory when I was in a house with theirs out and growing.. mine are growing nicely.. and are over grown to the point of not being able to make the connection to Christmas with them..

Edinburg, TX

Since I raise and release butterflies and moths I don use insecticides or pesticides in my yard.

Skeeters love my yard...I have too much junk on the back porch and they seems to hide out in the potted plants and a bucket if potting soil. We got a few inches of much needed rain and now the skeeters are out in full force! UGH!

When do skeeters sleep anyway? No matter what time of day or night they are lurking in my yard!

South Lake Tahoe, CA(Zone 6a)

Great idea for seedlings, trailing variegated ivy, or other small plants.....
Thanks for sharing.

South Lake Tahoe, CA(Zone 6a)

GordonHawk, and Texas,

Here is a link to some mosquito repellents:

Edinburg, TX

SPG...I wish the companies that sold mosquito repellants and zappers would come test them out in my yard.

Those OFF fans are worthless. Mosquitoes laughed at me when I bought one and tried it out. They ganged up on me and played pin the tail on the donkey with me as the donkey! :o)

As for citronella candles and fuel oil...well i did better roasting a hotdog over the flame than deterring skeeters.

Bug tempted but since I raise and release butterflies and MOTHS am afraid the moths will zap themselves.

For my amusement I sometimes sit out on the back patio with my Tennis racket-like bug zapper. Now I can at least hear and see the skeeters getting fried when I swing that around!!!

Yes, am amused by shiny objects too :o)

Oh...and those iPhone and iPad apps that say mosquitoes will be repelled by a sound I can't hear...LIE!!!

Mosquitoes go skin diving by the glow of the iPod light! :o)

Brooklyn, NY(Zone 7b)

THANKFULLY they are pretty good this year.. any time or place in the country when you sit out in the evening and don't notice them at all.. it's wonderful.. that and all the fooddelivery resturants in the area make it difficult to leave.. being on a roof top helps as they seem to like the lighter winds and more people down near the ground...
I was helping out a client the other day repairing her Termenix sprayer... it will likely kill anything... it stands about 2' tall and about 16" in dia.. and it has 3 misiting/fogger heads on the top of it... turn it on.. and the beeping starts so you can leave the area.. and a bit latier it starts a short fogging cycle... which it will repeat.. she's low in a shady back yard and she really likes it...
I've seen about a dozen of the skitters in the last few months... real good.. the link is to her unit it uses an extract from lemongrass...
she says it works fine when it works...
I've a small pond and lots of plants in saucers otside..... and sometimes when I water the plants I'll water with the mosquito dunks disolved in water .. it also helps rid me of the black flies... soil gnats..

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South Lake Tahoe, CA(Zone 6a)

Another effective alternative is to ingest Vitamin B1 (Thiamin). or getting a Vitamin B shot. Many pest control professionals in this area get a B shot regularly to protect themselves from the deadly West Niles Virus. .

A good source for B vitamins is TwinLabs B-100 Caps (vitamin B- complex).
Taken daily it supplies Thiamin, Riboflavin, Niacin, Vit B6, Folic Acid, Vit B12, Biotin, Pantothenic Acid, and more.

Edinburg, TX

Hmmm vitamin b...but that does stop a skeeter from biting you or just keep your immunity strong so you get WNV?

I need something to keep them from biting aside having having to spray myself with deet :o)

Springfield, OH(Zone 5b)

Maybe you should look into raising and releasing Dragonflies?

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