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Frederick, MD(Zone 6b)

Welcome to the Mid-Atlantic Gardening Forum!

Take a moment to browse through recent threads, and you'll see we talk about a little of everything-- garden projects (big & small), seed starting, bird watching, special plants, indoor projects, what's blooming now, seasonal highlights and to-do lists, garden pests and beloved pets. This is an active forum, and there's a lot going on in this region!

This thread is for keeping track of upcoming events of interest to Mid-Atlantic DGers, from nursery sale events to flower shows to DG gatherings. We can share information, and we can also meet up with other DGers who might be going where we're going.

If you have an event to add to the schedule, please post on this thread or Dmail me. I'll edit the list at the top of this thread and try to keep us up to date.

Please try not to chat too much on this thread about upcoming events... We can start separate threads for discussion & organization, and I'll put links here.


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Frederick, MD(Zone 6b)

After the winter gardening "lull," the spring seed swap got us off to a great start on seed sowing and garden planting. This year's spring plant swap is in NJ, but there's definitely room on the calendar for a "DC & South Mid-Atlantic swap" also. Having more than one "seasonal" swap going on is great! Different dates/locations mean more people will be able to attend one or the other (or both!). For inspiration on hosting a plant party, see previous MA swap threads or this DG article: http://davesgarden.com/guides/articles/view/1478/

We've got quite a list of spring garden events and festivals below. It's always fun to see if you can meet up with other DGers at an event and that's easy to organize by starting a thread in this forum (be sure and let me know so I can post a link on the list)!

Also, onewish is maintaining a google calendar for the Northeast Forum and is adding MAG events to it. Click here and bookmark this handy link: http://www.google.com/calendar/[email protected]&ctz=America/New_York


April 6 & 7: Daffodil Festival in Gloucester, VA. Tours of Brent & Becky's Sat. only. Sunny both days, high of 70 forecast for Sunday!

April 13 & 14: Adkins Arboretum Native Plant Nursery Spring Opening Sale, Eastern Shore, sign up to be a member and shop on Friday April 12! http://www.adkinsarboretum.org/programs_events/plant_sales.html

Mt. Cuba Gardens date and details TBA, but we're discussing it here: http://davesgarden.com/community/forums/t/1298702/ They're open Fridays & Saturdays after April 19

April 26 & 27: National Arboretum 23rd annual Garden Fair & Plant Sale, FREE admission, see post on this thread and http://www.fona.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=43&Itemid=75
Friday April 26, 10:00 am 1:00 pm: Friends of the National Arboretum members only; 1:00 4:00 pm: Open to the public
Saturday April 27, 9:00 am 4:00 pm: Open to the public
Note that "Friends" can pre-order online starting mid-March, so sign up to support your National Arboretum and enjoy this great benefit!

Saturday, April 27, Great Spring Perennial Plant Swap, 10am - 2pm, in Middletown NJ. See Loretta's comments here: http://davesgarden.com/community/forums/p.php?pid=9487091 website: http://www.monmouthcountyparks.com/page.aspx?Id=2518

Saturday, April 27: Rutgers Master Gardener's Q&A + Plant Sale, 9 am to 3 pm. New Brunswick, NJ http://events.rutgers.edu/njaes/event.asp?id=16316&d=201304&u=all&c=m2


Saturday May 11: Bulb sorting & ? event at Critter's. Help sort the lily bulbs from the group buy and join us for lunch, maybe something garden-crafty

Saturday, May 18: SPRING PLANT SWAP (the weekend after Mother's Day), NJ, details, sign-up, and links to plant swapping threads here: http://davesgarden.com/community/forums/t/1305618/

Market Day at Cylburn Arboretum, May ? , Baltimore, leftover bulbs & more http://www.cylburnassociation.org/index.html


Saturday, June 8: Allentown Hidden Gardens Tour, 10 am to 2 pm. http://allentowngardenclub.net/index.php?p=tour&j=.NU7TOl18bz.AzQbIBNLsINPws3dXVV2

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Dover, PA(Zone 6b)

Here is an interest thread for Longwood http://davesgarden.com/community/forums/t/1061097/

Norristown, PA(Zone 6b)

Critter, Can you please start a seed swap thread?

Frederick, MD(Zone 6b)

Here it is, Stormy, hope it's what you had in mind: http://davesgarden.com/community/forums/t/1061784/

Norristown, PA(Zone 6b)

If anyone has dates for any of the public garden events and shows, maybe they can post them here. I'll check on a few tonight.

Dover, PA(Zone 6b)

Guess it won't hurt to port a Rawlings Conservatory link here as well. Ric

Frederick, MD(Zone 6b)

bumping up... new seed swap dates & links at the top of the thread! :-)

Dover, PA(Zone 6b)

Coming Feburary 28th, The one and only Philadelphia Flower Show, Yea, I'm ready already!This should bring you some warm thoughts, when our high today was 26*F, with a stiff wind. Ric
This year's theme is "Passport to theWorld"

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Denville, NJ(Zone 6b)

Feb 13th Well Sweep is having it's green house tour & fairy dwelling workshop


Frederick, MD(Zone 6b)

added Well Sweep to the list at the top... thanks for the link!

Denville, NJ(Zone 6b)

here is another Sussex Co Fairgrounds - Agusta, NJ March 11 - 14


and my photos from last year


Norristown, PA(Zone 6b)

I've always wanted to tour the large woodland garden exhibits at the Mt. Cuba Center in Hockesson, De., a short drive from Wilmington. I hear that this is quite an impressive place and a must see for the shade gardener.


Norristown, PA(Zone 6b)

Allison, Isn't there a famous Iris display garden somewhere up near you?

Denville, NJ(Zone 6b)

the only one I know of is Pittsgrove Farms.. but I have never been there


Frederick, MD(Zone 6b)

Hmm, Longwood Gardens... Mt. Cuba... and isn't Winterthur not too far away from those also? Maybe we need to plan a weekend gettaway gathering... :-)

Norristown, PA(Zone 6b)

Winterthur is right between the other two. It would be a fun filled weekend., There is also a winery with cafe right there beside a hugh antique mall in Chadds Ford. The (Wyeth) Brandywine River Museam is right there as well as the battlefield. It's a wonderful location for a weekend getaway. Lots to see and do.

Frederick, MD(Zone 6b)

My in-laws took a bus tour up thattaway a couple years ago... had a wonderful time... I'll have to check to see where they stayed, as I seem to remember a B&B they liked a lot.

Norristown, PA(Zone 6b)

There's a nice hotel, not too expensive near Longwood. It's one of the big chains that has a nice brunch. It's more family oriented, but does have a bar. I'll look it up.

Near Lake Erie, NW, PA(Zone 5a)

When we went to Longwood in 2008, Paul and I stayed at Staybridge Suites, it was wonderful! There are 2 bedrooms and baths. and a sitting area with a mini kitchen with coffee pot, toaster, frig, dishwasher and all the dishes and pots and pans, and 3 TVs. They also have a free breakfast which is not just coffee and pasteries.
It is located near a mall and there are some nice resturants near by.

Frederick, MD(Zone 6b)

That sounds good too, Stormy... and I'm thinking we might want to start a thread about this now, even if we wouldn't be going until late spring/early summer (gotta have the hostas up and growing well in that shade garden), just so we don't take up this thread too much.

Please check out this thread I started: http://davesgarden.com/community/forums/t/1068140/

(Stormy, please post near the top of the thread so you can help me keep this organized if it comes to pass. Thanks!)

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Norristown, PA(Zone 6b)

Lady, Do you remember the price range on that Staybridge?

Norristown, PA(Zone 6b)

Critter, I can't get your link to work!!

Frederick, MD(Zone 6b)

Stormy, the first link I posted didn't go through, but I edited it 20 minutes ago... tried it just now and it seems fine. The thread should be near the top of the MAG forum. I'll post the link again on this post.

I found a website for Staybridge and posted it on the Garden Weekend thread. Looks like $100 to $125 per night, without taking group or other discounts into consideration, but people could share a room & split the cost.

Let's discuss it more here: http://davesgarden.com/community/forums/t/1068140/

Norristown, PA(Zone 6b)

Is there a thread started for the Philadelphia Flower show? Did we discuss a date?

Frederick, MD(Zone 6b)

As far as I know, there's no thread yet for the Philly show.

Norristown, PA(Zone 6b)

Critter, Do you want to start one? I don't have a photo from the show to use.

Frederick, MD(Zone 6b)

Here you go! http://davesgarden.com/community/forums/t/1068700/

Huntsville, AL(Zone 7b)

Hiya all - I'm thinking about having a 'southernish part of VA' swap in earlyish spring - met me know if anyone would be interested ^_^

Frederick, MD(Zone 6b)

Becky, you know there's interest! Better start a thread! LOL

"early spring" -- we talking April, or May?

Norristown, PA(Zone 6b)

That's a nice offer, Bec. Would this swap be in addition to the one that Aspenhill is planning?

Huntsville, AL(Zone 7b)

I didn't know Aspen was planning one ^_^ I was thinking April/May ^_^

Lambertville, NJ(Zone 6a)

The New Jersey Flower & Garden show is Feb 18-21. Ken Druse is one of the speakers this year.


Norristown, PA(Zone 6b)

Suzieq, It looks like a great event. Thanks for posting it!!

central, NJ(Zone 6b)

SuzieQ, have you posted that on the NE forum?

Welcome btw. My friends live very close to you in Hopewell Twp.

Lambertville, NJ(Zone 6a)

Hi flowerjen,
No, I have not posted this in the NE forum. I will look at that later today. We are very close to Hopewell. Actually, my DH works for Hopewell twp.

The NJ Flower & Garden show usually offers some good seminars included with the admission fee. I really like it because it is not as crowded at the Philly flower show. Granted, it's much smaller, but I don't like crowds.

Another good event is the Rutgers Home Garden School. They have some very good seminars. Let me see if I can find a link........here, this should work.



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Norristown, PA(Zone 6b)

Wow, Susieq, Thanks! That's another great link. I could certainly use that class on pruning. Do you know which campus these classes are held at?

central, NJ(Zone 6b)

Stormy, this campus
Hickman Hall
Cook/Douglass Campus
New Brunswick, NJ

Norristown, PA(Zone 6b)

Thanks, Jen. Which campus is Rutgers' main campus? I'm going to look into the info on that class. Every time I prune something, the next time my arborist friend stops by, he tells me I did it improperly. Grrrrr, I just don't seem to be getting it.

Lambertville, NJ(Zone 6a)

Stormy - I have taken that class a few years ago. I STiLL have trouble pruning. It's just one of those things that I can't get my mind around. It is a very informative class though.

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