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Crestline, CA
(Zone 8b)

December 8, 2009
8:18 PM

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...because I would have sprayed it all over my monitor while reading, I was laughing so hard. >^__^<

Ma'am, you have my respect- for your determination, your humour and your "water off a duck's back" patience with those stubborn, thorny, pesky plants that we all so adore! I love roses. Their colour, their variety, their astonishing array of scents- yes, they have different smells! I had no idea when I first started with them. I was used to the odd hot-house roses you got at the florist's shop, or the semi-wild ones you find on road-sides or in the bush. Nearly no scent on the first, and a very delicate scent on the second.

Then, I found a yellow tea rose growing in some guy's yard. Curious, I sniffed it. Ambrosia! Now, people point and laugh at this weird-looking, Gothic-black clad, little person with spiky purple and black hair with her butt in the air as she's "nose-sampling" her way down the street. I actively search for areas with a lot of roses growing, as much for the wonderful scents as for the baffled looks of passerby. :)

Now, I live in Southern California, where the weather is clement all year round (well, compared to my original locale of -40 F to +95 F and up that I got in Winnipeg. If the winters didn't kill you, the summer might), and I'm virtually surrounded by gorgeous, flowering rose bushes, most taller than me. Well, that's not hard, I'm only 5' 3", but dang, BIG bushes.

I kill roses, darnit it all. I've only tried for two seasons- this was back in Winnipeg, shortly before I moved- and I'm leery of trying it again. I already have the bad karma of four bushes on my conscience! But, I may yet attempt another rose-bush... in a big pot that I can take inside if I need to! I'm rather drawn to miniature roses- perfect size for an apartment with only a wee twelve-foot by five foot concrete pad by our door. I keep a growing container-garden there- right now, it's mostly filled with cacti and kalancoes. It's pretty hard to kill those. Though I did acquire some zinnia seeds, which are now blooming and spotting my mostly green with a bit of colour. :)

And I had a chuckle over your little biography at the bottom of your article: I'm ADHD too, and that SO describes my kind of day- rambling throughout, starting ten different things, get distracted, maybe finish one or two, make dinner, remember I still had ANOTHER project to finish, go do that, and end up cleaning my work-room... but the original thing I wanted to work on was still awaiting completion. :P

Thanks for your article, it was a good read!

Hastings, MI
(Zone 5b)

December 8, 2009
9:16 PM

Post #7349486

Dear Draco
You sound like a DOLL!
How come you don't hang at DG rose forum. You will find many fellowette rose growers
in California with great tips/hints and fixes. Theres even public rose gardens in california
that you can go to. Many of them offer slips at times of the year or give you plants to
test garden.

I just got Heirloom Roses catalog, and in the back pages was tons of container, mini
and micro mini and floribunda tiny roses, perfect for containers and cracks in the
sidewalks. I am growing currrently Jeannie LaJoie, and she is doing well in the ground.

Did you read my story about "My Mothers Rose?". Get a tissue because you will cry, if
you don't youre a stone. LOL.
Sheri PS I love purple spike hair. I thought about dying my hair with some pink, or
turqoise, but I don't know if I could stand the looks.

Crestline, CA
(Zone 8b)

December 14, 2009
5:59 PM

Post #7367992

Woo! Your daughter sounds awesome! *wishes she had more tattoos- only has one wee little thing... in her ear* I hear you about the looks one gets for having big steel spirals stretching your lobes (I have those) hair spiked up and crazy. I rattle when I walk, sometimes- chain keeping my wallet in check. Heh. The only way I get to be even "average" height is to wear four-inch platform Frankenstein boots. *giggle* Here's the real laugh: my husband is as normal- well geeky- as can be. Not a piercing, tattoo or chain anywhere. I still gotta teach him that the hems of his pants are NOT supposed to be two-inches above his shoes... Gotta get that boy into some butt-hugging boot-cut black jeans. Poor fashion disaster wears CHINOS of all the ungodly things. He has no idea how good he looks in leather. Rawr. *chuckles*

She actually took the question about tattooing her hatchling SERIOUSLY? Yikes!

As for you getting weird looks form your neighbours for getting a streak of colour in your hair- just grin at them and suggest that coming into the light of the 21st Century might be an idea for them. Go for those "highlight" or "frosting" kind of streaks- only turquoise! I bet that would look sweet! :)

I'm not a doll- - depends on whether one of my on-the-go art-pieces is behaving or not. :-P Carving some lovely, bug-filled amber right now... Wish me luck! Yay for fossils!

I'll have to check, but I thought some of those forums were only accessible to paid members. I just have the free membership, right now. But, learning how to properly take care of roses would be nice- my Mum-in-law has one variety with the richest scent. *drools* Smells like Attar of Roses, only not as overpowering. She had a chuckle when I was nose-deep into this massive five-inch wide bloom in a vase on her table, snorting it like cocaine... Heh. I winced at the poor withered thing on their counter, though. O___o They bought this miniature rose in one of those little metal pots- you know the kind- the sort people buy as "presents" that are usually allowed to die and then are tossed out in the trash. Her husband said he was going to plant it outside today- here's hoping it makes it. *crosses some digits*

I cry at musical performances and sappy movies. I don't think I'll have any trouble working up a tear or two for someone's writing. Heck, I cry at a gorgeous sunset. Yeah, I'm weird. *grins*
Hastings, MI
(Zone 5b)

December 18, 2009
8:38 PM

Post #7380512

Dear Miss Draco
You have to sign up to be a paid subscriber. Its so cheap, and so worth it.

I do it once a year, and I have great fun friends near my home that we
have plant swops and gatherings and christmas parties with.

we hear about trips to europe and special garden visits and etc etc. its
a good clean website, and I believe in supporting this in the general scheme
of things. You can even try a month or two and not the whole enchilada!

Come on and try it, you'll be happy you did, and tell Dave I sent you. It is a safe, and
secure (very important) web site.

You probably live near the california rose maniacs and don't even know it.
They are always hunting down fellow rosers.

I think I will get some turquoise streaks in my hair.
I was just diagnosed with diabetes, and I think its time to let loose a little.
Your husband sounds like mine, a little bit. Mine doesn't wear anything else
but black. he wears jeans and a jean shirt style every single working day
of his life coupled with military boots in the winter and sneakers in the
summer. He works for the Dept. of Defense! LOL.
Basically, everyone down there leaves him alone.
I cannot get him to wear anything else. Oh, wait, thats not true, I made him
pants with skulls and crossbones all over them in black and white, and me
a pair also, and we wore them together out to Windsor,Canada for dinner.

Are you saying you are shorter than short? How cute that is. My DH is
only 5 feet tall,his vertebrae have collapsed, 7 of them, and they are
deteriorating, so he has slowly been shrinking over the years. poor dear.

You should look up in Google, for Grand Rapids Art prize. We just had
it for the first time, and there were MAJOR prizes given out. I am thinking
of entering some of my watercolors in it, although what seemed to get the
most run for their money was the big huge displays. My watercolors are
only 3 inches by 5 inches. LOL.

There are some old fashioned roses around especially the Bourbon s, who
still have that old fashioned rose smell. To smell one is to die a death of
smell scentsation. LOL.

I am working on a little watercolour today of a snowman with birds on
his arms. And, some stories too.
Be good, and let me know when you decide to join DG and join all of us
Crestline, CA
(Zone 8b)

January 11, 2010
8:50 PM

Post #7452709

Sorry I haven't replied sooner- been busy with the holidays and art of my own. :)

Yup, I'm shorter than short- I think 5' 4" or 5' 5" is "average" height in North America for the ladies? I blame me Native American ancestry- we were never built very large in the Arctic. Heh. Well, we DO get rather round (pats he ample tummy) blubber to protect against the cold and winter famines, ya know...

Yay for turquoise streaks! And those pants you made sound hilarious and awesome, and it's cool you managed to get your mate to wear them! I have to ask: what does DH mean, because I've seen it all over, but it's never defined, as it's one of those things that all the "old-timers" know the meaning of. :P Sorry to hear about the diabetes, and your mate's back- the first runs in my family, too, and I have osteoarthritis in most of my joints (thankfully mild, considering).

As for the Bourbon Roses, I wonder if that's what my Mum-in-law has: it's a lovely deep red, a good four to five inches across and has the most wonderful, hits-the-back-of-your-throat-like-a-good-whiskey sort of smell.

I think I will look into getting a paid membership: I often don't go for things like that, since I have very little money coming in most of the time, so it's stuff I don't even think of, since being frugal is pretty ingrained. :)

Cheers, and I hope your Holidays rocked!


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