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Bronchitis + Sinusitis: desperate to recover

Phoenix, AZ

I cannot believe what's happened to me. On T'giving Day, my OH used charcoal starter on the briquettes to get them started. He must have used half the full container. It was horrible outdoors, the grill wasn't far from the kitchen door and fumes came inside, too. That afternoon my nose turned on like a faucet, followed by the eyes. On the 3rd day, I felt it down in my throat and the coughing began. I hurried off to the doc, hoping to keep infection at bay. No dice: Here's a scrip for cough syrup, some vasotabs and an inhaler. Two days later, I'm coughing up yellow and green sputum. Back to doc. Dx: Acute sinusitis and bronchitis. Started two courses of antibiotics. After just over 2 weeks, I felt I was recovering. I went out a few times to get groceries, etc., and it started all over again! Finally, last week, I thought for sure it was over. NOT. I worked in the yard a bit on Sunday afternoon and I am paying big time. This is the worst iteration yet of this nasty condition. My nose is stuffed, my chest hurts, coughing has made me sore all over and it feels like a knife under my shoulder when I have to hack up the sputum. What the $%*+)*%#@!???!!!!

Has anyone else experienced this awful mess? I am desperate not to develop chronic bronchitis. If you saw a doc, what did s/he do, or prescribe? If you treated successfully at home, what did you do or take? I have now lost nearly 6 productive weeks to this and it's nowhere near over. HELP!

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