February 2010 Journal

southeast, NE

Happy almost Valentines Day!

Is it spring yet? This seems to be a long winter. We are counting our blessings after seeing what other parts of the country are going through? How much snow have you all received so far this winter? I think we’re at around two feet. There was an article in the paper several weeks ago about how the weather is impacting the cow/calf industry. We had our first snowstorm in early December. That’s early compared to previous years. Producers usually left their cows on grass or corn stocks. With that source of forage covered with snow, producers (including us) had to start feeing silage and hay sooner than usual. Of course, that has driven the price of hay way up and cows are ending up at the sale barns. DH was at a consignment sale about a month ago and round bales of alfalfa were bringing $90. DH is quite pleased with himself that he decided to grow more alfalfa last year. Even with the crappy weather, our cows are doing well. (Knocking on wood very loudly!)

I’ve been hit with a nasty cold with a terrible cough. I feel like I’m coughing my brains out. So far benadryl works at night. I missed two days of work – should have stayed home the third day.

We’re almost done lambing. It went pretty well this year – 75% wethers. We have 4 bottle lambs. We’re feeding them goats’ milk. Three or our nannies kidded. Two sets of twins and one set of triplets. Calving should start any day now. I wish it would warm up and dry out.

We picked up another border collie several weeks ago. Cracker, a two year old male, has been trained to work with cows. He has a wonderful personality and is very smart. It only took two “stern commands” and he has learned not to follow the tractor down the road.

DD’s tummy is growing. The doctor told her a couple of weeks ago that the baby was the size of avocado so they’re calling it guacamole for the time being. She finds out the sex in early March. My 3 year old niece said she is going to have a girl. She predicted her sister was going to be a girl when everyone else thought she was going to be a boy.

Better get back to the laundry and cleaning.

You all take care!

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