Searching for Apple/Bushel Gourd seed (Lagenaria siceraria)

Bozeman, MT(Zone 4b)

I learned the hard way this last year that you can't go by the common name alone. If anyone has Apple or Bushel gourd seed they are willing to part with, I would be most appreciative. I would love to find a seed that would produce a 8"-10" fruit but I'll take smaller. Thanks much!

Thumbnail by NorthernSeasons
Crossville, TN

I can never guarentee what or how large my seeds will produce...but I can send you both those type the one you Dmailed me about. Jo

Bozeman, MT(Zone 4b)

Thanks so very much! I look forward to planting them. I've developed all sorts of methods for dealing with our cold and lack of humidity here. I know they'll do great! Thanks again.

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