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SOLVED: Late summer flowering bulb - what is it??

Lancaster, CA

I got these bulbs from my MIL. MIL lives in MS. I transplanted the bulbs into 3 different spots in my garden, having nothing that remotely resembles mississippi environment here in my high desert garden.

They were planted 2 years ago this Christmas. They are small daffodil looking bulbs that form in large clumps. The foliage grows from spring thru summer and dies back. It's long narrow deep green leaves with a narrow white line up the center of each leaf. Leaves are not much wider than 1/4". Sturdy but slender stalks between 1 and 2ft tall emerged this week. They were spaced randomly so they clearly were from different bulbs. Flowers were bright red in a ball like formation with individual flowerets making the bulb. All at the very top of the stalks. MIL says they bloom "in winter" there.

Any ideas? Thanks for reading this regardless.


Gulfport, MS(Zone 8a)

lycoris radiata maybe? ours are just about done blooming now.
hope this helps

I agree with MSJen. Here's some pictures of Lycoris:



Lancaster, CA

Jen and Dave,

Thanks very much for the input. Your pic encourages me to be a little more precise. I'm not so great at describing flowers.

The flowerets do each have 6 petals, very narrow and somewhat shaped like the photo. The anthers (?) (the little "stalk" bit that comes out of a flower with the pollen on the tip) are much longer than the petals. There are 7 in each floweret. Looks like about 6 flowerets open all at the same time per stalk.

Is there a site that has pictures of flowering bulbs? It could likely be the family you said, just a different variety??

Thanks again for the help


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Spicewood, TX(Zone 8b)

Or Oxblood Lily (Rhodophiala bifida)? http://www.moment.net/~wingnut/images/rhodophiala.jpg It matches the description except for the white stripe up the leaves and the anthers/stamens being longer than the petals. But maybe it's another genus to peruse for yours?

Gulfport, MS(Zone 8a)

i really do believe that what you are describing is a lycoris radiata.
go to www.google.com and type in LYCROIS RADIATA..the second one down (should be) will have a pic of it.
there are other bulbs that have the commen name of spider lily, naked lady, etc.
hope this helps more. i just looked at the link that dave posted and that is not at all what i have blooming.

Lancaster, CA

Hello again,

That's IT, Jen!! thanks very much all of you for helping. I have no idea where to start when I go on one of these ID quests.

Lycoris radiata it is. Hurrican lily. Red spider lily. I like the name Red Spider lily. very descriptive.


Lancaster, CA

Yep! I went out and looked at it again. The pix looks just like my flowers.

LOVE the internet!!!


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