March 2010 journal

Waddy, KY

I figure since Kathleen is dealing with her two new knees that I'd start the March journal since it's already a week gone.

We've finally seen some dry, slightly warmer weather. It's supposed to be in the 50's this weekend of which I'm most greatful. I need to trim out the blackberries, mow off the daylily patch and cut off all the ornamental grasses. Hopefully I'll also get some straw down on some strawberries. If it would possibly stay dry for another week I think we could plant garden. It's time for the peas and lettuce to be in the ground.

DH had a horrible day today. He's had the AC 175 down at the local shop cautiously letting them do some work on it and they finally said it was ready to come home. He took the flat bed grain truck down there instead of dragging the semi and trailer, thinking to save a little gas. When they were trying to load it I guess they actually had it picked up and was going to place it on the truck. I'm a little fuzzy on the particulars and DH was in no condition to calmly discuss it this evening, but he told the man to put the tractor down so he could situate the truck a little better and the idiot dropped the front end of the tractor from 6 ft. off the ground. Nose first. Bent a bunch of stuff. DH was so upset when he got home. He got it unloaded and it ran to get to the shop but he's terrified that all the metal and bolts have been stressed so that when the tractor gets stressed while in the field that major problems are in the making. Sometimes you just can't win....


Lewisville, MN(Zone 4a)

That's terrible about the tractor. Isn't the guy that dropped it responsible to repair it ?

Still a good month before we can plant here. Snow was melting some yesterday. Today is overcast with a little light rain predicted. Then back in the 40's.
A flood forecast just came out. The whole state of MN has about 4" of water in the snow pack. They are saying major flooding most everywhere. I'm glad we live on high ground.
I never could figure out why all the big cities are on rivers & much of them in the flood plain.

Our new pullets are doing great. Got the first eggs yesterday. So won't be long & we will have eggs coming out our ears! Month & a half before market starts.

Sunday we will be loading the cabinets & then Monday morning heading out to get them installed. About a 4 hour drive. We will stay overnight & come home on Tuesday.
These are going into a new townhouse on a large vacation lake in central MN.

Bummed out yesterday. Our shop is full of finished cabinets, so no working out there. To much snow yet to anything outdoors.
Today I might just go bumming somewhere!


Panama, NY(Zone 5a)

Janet, I hate when things like that happen. Don't these people know it's hard enough to keep farmers on the up side without that kind of crap???

We keep hearing 40s predicted, and the sun is out there shining like crazy, but we have so much snow pack that it's acting like refrigeration. the guys who do sugaring (maple) are antsy to get out in the woods, but the snow is keeping the trees cold and making it impossible to drive through them. We used to help friends, it was a good way to get outside early, if you like freezing rain, constantly wet clothes, boots full of snow or mud, wet gloves and being so tired you can't stand up at the end of the day. Boy, I miss it! snort

My knees are coming along. the physical therapist is quite excited by my ability to bend them. Somehow, I thought that was the whole point. He tells me I have a very high tolerance for pain - hey, dairy farmer here, goes with the job! Actually, I was hoping to be off the pain meds, but just can't quite swing it yet. Doc appointment on Monday, will have a chat about alternatives to the big guns. I am off the walker and down to one cane, which goes back and forth from left to right. I occasionally take off across the room without it, but it does keep me steady. The exercises occasionally seem like medieval torture, but it is getting more and more so my knees actually feel better when I get done. Bonus, I've lost about 15 pounds.

Bernie, wish we were closer, I'd buy some of your eggs.

Waddy, KY

Bernie, in my opinion he should be but my husband was so furious and so close to performing homicide that he just got it loaded and outta there! We hooked it up to the splitter Sunday and the temperature gauge doesn't work right. The hand clutch also isn't right. I think there's a real good reason why they're going bankrupt and closing their doors...

Today was another trying day. There are days when no matter how I try I can't get DH's ileostomy bag to stay on. Sunday was one of those days and today was too. We finally ended up going to the wound center at the hospital to see if they could do any better as we'd just about eroded the first layer of skin off his stomach and it was rather painful. They showed us some more bag types and gave us some powder that looked like the blood clotting powder that we put on a dehorned calf that won't stop bleeding which was funny because I actually thought that something like that might stop the skin from weeping but didn't know they had such a product. Anyway, I'd planned to start planting garden today. I finally ended up just getting the ground worked and hopefully early tomorrow morning all the early crops will go in the ground. That is providing DH's bag stays on overnight.

Kathleen, if you're like my brother, who's had a hip and a knee replaced last year, even if it does continue to hurt some, it'll be so much less than what you had before the surgery that you'll think it's an improvement. He says he's able to do so much more now than before so what's a little pain. They vaccinated and wormed 60 cows with their calves Saturday and he said before the surgery if he'd done that he'd have been down for at least 2 days. This time 2 Advil took care of it.

Time for beddy-bye....


Baker City, OR(Zone 5b)

It's time for lambs again. And naturally, after a week of sorta warmish weather, we are back to cold and wind just in time for those blessed little events. Last week I offered to help my neighbor get his barn cleared out and set up for lambing. It is a catchall for most of the year, plus he has been digging around rotted posts and leveling the barn roof and pouring cement, etc. Well, as usual he is behind on everything, and so I offered. At first he said no thanks, but then on Monday he showed up at my door with a box of meat and eggs and said if the offer was still good he could use my help. So we did as much as we could, got a few pens ready, got the lambmobile back together and hitched up to the 4 wheeler. While he put up a hot fence lane in the pasture to get the ewes to the water tank and corrals, I went out to check the flock, and sure enough, there was an early lamb, already dry and able to run quite well. I caught him when he got tired and wanted a nap, and meanwhile I had time to putt putt around and check the rest of the 50 acre pasture.

There've been calf surprises too, compliments of another neighbor's bull who jumps fences without tearing them down, and saw his duty to diversify the gene pool.

Janet, I hope there is something you can do to get the repairs done on their dime. Or is there something in your farm insurance that would cover this kind of accident?

Kathleen, I'm glad to hear that you are doing well with recovery and exercises. Oh yes, and weight loss is a good side benefit.

Lewisville, MN(Zone 4a)

Good day so far. No Rain!
Snow is going down, slow but sure. Water is rising. Flooding is a sure thing along the Minnesota rivers & streams.
My son checked our strawberry experiment. Plants are alive! Good thing as this variety is sold out for this year.
I ordered onion plants Wed. 7 cases, 2000 to a case.
Today I ordered Gladiolus bulbs. Nine are new colors & one old color we lost the bulbs of. Getting 500 of each.

Cabinets went well. Truck could have used a couple more horsepower for pulling the trailer. One minor problem with the cabinets. My brother & nephew helped install, so we got them done by Tuesday afternoon.


Waddy, KY

Mercy Bernie, that's a lot of planting. Do you plant those on plastic? By hand or do you have something else to help the ole back? I've not fooled much with onions other than green onions but there's a lady at another market that grows some really nice plant at another market. She gets them from Dixon. Has a little problem with rot on the tops of some but we worked out an arrangement that I bought them at a very reduced rate and put them in salsa so they didn't go to waste.

I put some straw on the strawberries a couple weeks ago. This is my first time with strawberries though I helped my grandfather years ago I mainly did the picking. Luckily my father had some words of wisdom about taking care of them. Used to be around the Louisville area in the 30's and 40's there were many truck gardens. My grandfather, before he started milking Jerseys used to do a lot of strawberries, potatoes and onions. Dad learned quite a bit of the way the old folks did stuff. And his memory fortunately is still pretty darned good.

I bought a few more glads but certainly not in your quantities. Down here I've been leaving the glads in the ground from year to year and they've been doing pretty well. The only down side is that they pretty much bloom all at the same time but I seem to be a bit on the lazy side, don't have as many as you and hate to dig stuff like that. I'm not set up for it like you are. I'd think a potato digger would be prime to dig them in the fall. Do you have one?


Lewisville, MN(Zone 4a)

I built a 4 row glad planter out of an old rear mount cultivator. It don't really plant them, just digs deep trenches. Then we lay the glads in by hand & use a cultivator to cover them We plant about 8" deep. They don't fall over.

Our ground is very soft after we go through with the Troy Built tiller. So onions are just stuck in the ground by hand. Hired help gets to do that.

Spent yesterday & today getting most of my seeds ordered. Many $!
All set when the ground gets ready.

Monroe, WI(Zone 4b)

Beautiful day here...........the killdeer came back late last week. I told them that they should KNOW by now that a week or so after they are here we get a couple of good snows. Snowed on Sat. LOL

Lewisville, MN(Zone 4a)

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