Frugal with my time ...

Deep East Texas, TX(Zone 8a)

This may sound strange but because I work, I try to use my time frugally to have time for things I enjoy.

A couple of things I shorten my time on are...

Ironing ~ I like cotton clothing and because I work with the public, I want my clothes pressed. In winter I find myself planning... if I wear this shirt with this sweater, I only need to iron the collar, cuffs. DH wears his shirts with a hooded sweatshirt so I only press the front. I suspect you get the idea ~ lol

When I need a button sewed on, a quick fix is to keep assorted colors of embroidery thread. I will chose the closest color, usually separate three threads out and thread on a needle. You can make a couple of quick loops thru the button and it looks fine, works normally and is done quickly.

When done with a shower, I use a microfiber cloth and quickly wipe down the walls and scrub the tub while it is still wet. That prevents water spots, scum forming and cream rinse residue from making the tub slippery. I find if I put it off, it won't always get done.

I do the same with the kitchen sink, wiping it with a hand towel right away when dishes are done will keep it sparkling and prevent mineral deposits and grub from taking over.

I double line the garbage container. That way when going out the door to work, if it is full, I grab it and don't have to worry about DH throwing something sloppy in the container with no bag in it.

I am always searching for new, quick & easy ways to do things. If you do the same with your time, I'd like to hear what your frugal shortcuts are...

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