Sprouts in less than 24 hours!

New Milford, CT

Admittedly I'm a fairly novice gardener, but this struck me as unusual anyway. Yesterday I put convolulus seeds from Burpee into those peat disks (the ones that start out flat and puff up when you add water) and then put them aside in their tray as instructed with the lid on. This morning I have sprouts, even from some I sowed as late as 5 pm! Earlier I did the same with coleus seeds and saw sprouts about 4 day later, but then I hadn't checked them before that, so they might have done the 24 hour thing too, for all I know. I just happened to walk by these trays this morning -- would never have expected any such thing.

Is this normal? Or should we all be buying Jiffy greenhouses? I do have traded seeds in the same tray and they haven't done anything yet, so maybe it's the Burpee seeds. Gee, all that shopping online I did for seeds with DG-approved vendors, and so far the best luck I've had is with seeds from the local Agway!

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