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SOLVED: was wondering

Kitchener, ON(Zone 5A)

Does anyone know the name of a tropical fower with a blueish bloom similar in shape to a Phlox flower. The plant itself was a deep green and a couple feet tall. The name starts with PL
Somehow a clipping got into my purse and now I can't remember the name of it *g*

North Vancouver, BC(Zone 8a)

Hi, Gwydion..I think you are looking for the name "Plumbago" var. auriculata(Cape Primrose) from South Africa..I grow this one and a white one..very nice and easy! Elaine

Kitchener, ON(Zone 5A)

Plumbago it is! I just looked it up. Apparently it is quite easy to root from a clipping as well which is great.
Thankyou 1601.

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