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Adding to the database

NW Indiana, IN(Zone 5a)

Hello! Help me understand about posting photos to the landscaping database. I'm uploading photos one at a time with captions and I want to be sure that they are all in one "thread". In the process, I select the photo, add the tags and then after previewing, the link at the bottom allows me to add the photo and it follows by saying "It's finished". If I want to add another photo, I looks like I have to go through the whole process again. What assures that the next photo will be in the same thread? Is it only because I chose the exact name of the thread that the previous photo was put under? Thanks in advance for a reply!

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

What you're doing is fine--all your pics should show up within your existing landscape. If you ever end up on a screen where it's asking you to name your landscape, then that means you're starting a new project. But as long as you're in your existing landscape and are adding pictures it'll all stay together.

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