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Do not eat advisory !!

Mentor, OH

The Ohio and Pennsylvania Divisions of Wildlife have issued "do not eat"advisories for Pymatuning Lake which borders both states. An estimated 5,000 dead fish washed up several weeks ago with the vast majority being crappie. I just saw an article which raises the estimate to over 20,000. Water samples were taken and one theory seems to be that the recent unseasonably warm weather raised the water temps so high,so quickly that bacteria multiplied and caused a serious virus. Testing is still being done. Some fishermen suspect that spraying to kill weeds in shallow water is to blame. The crappie have been in their spawning cycle recently and would probably have been the most vulnerable specie. No one from the DOW has admitted any spraying was done although a lot of dead weeds are floating. I have two more bags of perch and crappie fillets in the freezer that I caught ice fishing in February but can't feed them to my family since I don't know when this problem may have started. This is my favorite lake and the walleye population seemed to be on the rebound. Will there ever be a time when we can eat ANYTHING without fear of being poisoned??

Crawfordville, FL

Psudan....tell me about it. Half our fishing areas here in the Gulf have been closed this week due to that oil spill heading this way. It's all very disheartening.

Mentor, OH

Honeysucklemoon, I've been watching the news and seeing this mess in the Gulf makes me wonder if they can stop it ,let alone clean it up. It makes me sick thinking if this stuff is ever going to stop. The regulations book that comes with the Pa. fishing license has about 5-6 pages of consumption advisories. This may be hard to believe , but the Shenango River, which is the outflow from Pymatuning Lake was tested for estrogen levels down toward the Pittsburgh area. The biologists could not identify the sex of one-third of the catfish and white bass tested because they were so full of estrogen. A biologist told a friend of mine that there are absolutely no government regulations or limits as to the amount of estrogen in our drinking water. Even the little mountain spring creeks we fish for native brook trout has advisories due to acid rain and mining waste. I really don't know where we're headed but I suspect one day we won't need flashlights because we are going to glow.

Crawfordville, FL

I know, it's crazy. It wasn't that long ago that you could catch and eat fish with abandon, not many regulations and certainly no health warnings. Things have certainly changed.

Mentor, OH

If you want to read some really scary stuff,go on the Pittsburgh Tribune's web site and type in "estrogen in fish" in the search box. There are several stories but the one that caught my eye was "Catfish found to be missing genitalia". I still find it hard to believe that drinking water is not tested for some chemicals. Also, I doubt that this occurs only in Pittsburgh. The Shenango River I mentioned earlier is a tributary of the Allegheny . God help us!

Syracuse, NY(Zone 5a)

I've always been a catch and release type of girl. i mean hell i grew up fishing onondaga creek. onondaga lake was the second most polluted lake IN THE WORLD next to... i'll just spell this phonetically... chturnnoble? with all the mess in japan were probably only bringing home the bronze medal this year. ah.... someday we'll tell our grandbabies tales about how we used to eat fish and they'll look at us probably like we look at our grandparents when they talk about the days before tv and cell phones.

Sioux Falls, SD

Glad I found this post, I will have to tell my cousins that live up there.

Mentor, OH

This advisory was discontinued over a year ago. Last I heard the reason was because of the rapid rise in water temps. But you never know. I've fished this lake all my life and never heard this reason before. I hope all is well since I've eaten a lot of fish before and since. At least I haven't grown a third eye ..... yet. LOL

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