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Any suggestions on JM purchase??

Clinton, CT(Zone 6b)

Hello all you experts,

I live in CT, zone 6, have a shady / part shade area (couple hours of afternoon sun) that I would like to put a dwarf JM (I think dwarf). I don't know anything about them at all. My mother has one that is about 4' tall and just as wide. Looks like a big bonsai tree. BEAUTIFUL! I would like something that only gets at most 5-6" tall, and just as wide, could be smaller. I never realized that they come in colors other then red or green until I started looking around the web today. So if I can get something super unique that has colors from red to orange to yellow.... Also, nothing that is too difficult for me to manage. Unless it is a regular maintenance thing that I can get used to. I am not a plant dummy, just need to be told exactly what to do so I can learn.

I came across a sell at ebay who is selling a really cool one, but thought I should ask all my friends at DG before I get something I don't know anything about. I emailed the seller and asked if this particular plant would do well in CT, waiting for his reply. Looking forward to yours.

Thanks for any of your suggestions!

Included is a photo of where I will put it. Taken at 8 AM.

Thumbnail by blupit007
Clinton, CT(Zone 6b)

Here is the link for the JM on ebay that I found


Pepperell, MA(Zone 6a)

hi kristen - i would not recommend an ebay tree purchase - personally i order mine (over 60) from local nurseries and reputable on line nursuries and i prefer to get larger trees that are not that much more considering the size difference - orange dream is a nice tree, mine has never looked like that photo although maybe this fall it will as last year was the first year.

i think you would want more sun for an orange dream.

check out these stores and call and ask for recommendations;

Springfield, IL(Zone 6a)

A couple thoughts I know that person and she is a good person and will not screw you she runs a small nursery and is reliable.. but Bill is correct .. that is a heavily photo shopped photo ..unless you are doing allot of acid yours won't look like that ;>). Orange dream actually do fine in shade but the conundrum with all of these orange/ gold trees like OD and the Ueno's is that they look best in sun, but burn .. I just live with the burn and put them in sun .. they still look nice in some shade ... deep shade is like buying a down coat for Florida .. just a waist of $$ .. Two other things .. one is whether it is grafted .. if not you are not actually buying an orange dream need to check that . Two.... hgt means very little ...it could be a one year graft which can be just a whip with a few short branches or none and be that tall from being juiced up with fertilizer like most west coast nurseries do. I also suggest anyone buying a young tree in the north keep it containerized for one year so if you want to plant out Bills advise on a larger tree is apropos. Lastly you are buying a tree that will take a week to get to you in hot weather .. buying a bit closer or locally buy might be food for thought.

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