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purple clover

Laurel, DE

My garden is overrun with this. Pretty but, is it invasive? Will it kill or choke any of my other plants like Hosta, Hydrangeas, fern, huchera? I will leave it be if it won't kill my other plants.
Thanks for the input.

Hendersonville, NC(Zone 7a)

In the "lawn," I leave it alone since lawns are not my obsession. In the garden beds, I pull it as soon as I see it since it will spread mightily.

Christiana, TN(Zone 6b)

Do you guys know the species name for this? Sounds like it might be a good one for a meadow garden I'd like to do.

Hendersonville, NC(Zone 7a)

Sorry, killdawabbit, I don't know it; unfortunately I think of it as just a weed, so never learned its proper name.

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