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goldfinches are eating my swiss chard

Saint Paul, MN

I thought I had some kind of insect eating my chard. However today I noticed that the culprits were my goldfinches! I know the goldfinches don't eat insects and I definitely saw them tearing out the tender portions of the chard between the veins. Not that I mind too much I have enough but I'd never seen this before.

I only had my cell phone camera so I didn't get the birds but this is what the chard looks like.

Anyone else ever notice them eating swiss chard?

Thumbnail by grik
Marlton, NJ

Hi grik, A small amount of their diet does consist of insects mainly aphids. I don't have swiss chard but thats an interesting observation.

Mt Vernon, WA

Grik - I have also noticed this. We have a thistle feeder in front of our living room window, which is surrounded by a shrub/perennial garden, and I planted a few extra chard starts there just for kicks, and one fine summer day I was surprised to watch the goldfinches tear off little chunks of chard and eat them.

Clarksville, TN(Zone 6b)

Just saw this thread. I luv Swiss Chard and grow it as well but had never noticed the goldfinches eating it here. And we are loaded with goldfinches. I have a thistle feeder too and they also love the sunflower seed feeder. This year has been so warm though that I think they have been able to get at least nibbles of green things all winter. I wonder if weather has anything to do with it ... or if they just have good taste and love chard. :)

Madison, WI

They like other leafy veggies too, like Spinach

Downingtown, PA

Last year in 2012 when my chard were farther up, I saw goldfinches on them, eating. I though they might be eating the slugs or some insect, but they seemed to have torn the leaves.

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