Has Anyone Grown Annual Type Lupines

Ft Lauderdale, FL(Zone 10a)

I would like to try growing Lupines this winter in South Florida and was wondering if anyone could recommend any varieties that have done well for them? I have to stick with quick maturing annual varieties. The perennial varieties would not survive our tropical summers. Grew Texas Bluebonnets last winter and they did well, but would like to try something a bit different with larger sized blooms.


Stewart, TN

I hope somebody answers your question because I would like to try some lupines here in Tennessee as well. I have about concluded that our Zone 6 is too hot and humid for foxglove and delphinium and was hoping lupines would work.

Ft Lauderdale, FL(Zone 10a)

I just decided to "plow ahead" and ordered seeds for a few varieties of annual Lupines and will give them a try this fall/winter. Here are the varieties I'm going to try. The first two came from www.americanmeadows.com and the third variety came from www.hpsseed.com.

1)Arroyo Lupine (Blue & White). Zones 3-10 Grows quickly/blooms heavily height=24"

2) Dwarf Pixie Delight Mix (mixture of blue,white,pink,violet) Zones 3-9 Grows quickly/blooms heavily height=12-18"

3)Tiny Tots Mix (New 2010/2011) (mixture of purple,blue,peach,pink,orange) Zones 3-9 early blooming dwarf variety. Height = less than 24 inches.

The directions state to choose a sunny spot, remove existing growth, and scatter seeds evenly in spring or late fall and do not cover. After sprouting keep seedlings moist until they are 6-8" tall. After that wildflowers prefer minimal care.

I ordered and have 1/4 lb bags of seed for both "Arroyo" Lupine & "Pixie Delight Mix" Lupine. It's WAY more seed than I can possibly use. If you would like to try them Rebecca just d-mail me and I'd be happy to mail some to you.


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