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Vancouver, WA(Zone 8a)

My DH, 64, not overweight and a regular exerciser for years, has high blood pressure. He is off the RX because it made him so groggy so I am out to find diet etc to help him. He had a physical this AM and still high from last check up. Looking for free advice! thanks.

South, TX

There are a lot of different meds. I tried several and now I have one that works for me. High Blood Pressure can be hereditary. Mine sure is. Less salt, exercise and things I am sure you know can help. Celery is supposed to be a good diaretic, but that never helped me. I tried all of the natural ways. Hibiscus tea too.

Do you have a good bp monitor at home? I have one. The kind that goes on your upper arm, not wrist. Keep a good log of the numbers. Morning, noon and night.

I have started something new. There is information about squeezing a ball being good for bpressure. I went to Amazon and bought two really neat balls. They are like jello, so neat!!!!

Good luck, keeping it down is important for eyes, kidneys etc.

Vancouver, WA(Zone 8a)

I printed out 12 natural steps to help lower BP from Prevention Mag. My DH is out of town this week end but I told him this week end was the end of his EAT AS I ATE GROWING UP. He may need the meds but his diet, not the diet I cook, is high sodium.
This article from Prevention lists snoring as related to hypertension.

South, TX

Yes, I mentioned the Hibicus tea. I take a good CoQ10, about 120mgs a day. It's good.

Cutting salt slowly is less "painful" so that might be good. It is hard to change things super fast.

Southern NJ, United States(Zone 7a)

My doctor prescribes walking for thirty minutes a day for high blood pressure. I know people who have tried that with great results. Another thing that's helpful is an emWave. It's a bio-feedback contraption that teaches you how to relax and get into a zone where your blood pressure is lower. I got mine through Amazon. It's not cheap but it does seem to work if you keep at it.

Alexandria, IN(Zone 6a)


Yes, I believe the squeezing method does work. I wonder why it isn't being tried out more. The right kind of ball or plastic bottle are basically free and can be squeezed while sitting and doing something else.

South, TX

Yes, I do love my squeezing balls, really fun, gel-like. I find it is great for the fingers too. Mine get stiff from the computer sometimes.

Vancouver, WA(Zone 8a)


Vancouver, WA(Zone 8a)

where do you get Hibiscus tea? I can not find it . . yet. And tell me what brand of CoQ10? $30-ish for a bottle so I must choose carefully.

Vancouver, WA(Zone 8a)

Anyone recommend a specific book?

Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)


If I may jump in......

I was diagnosed with High BP about 10 years ago...I went to a new Dr. I had never been to
and he put me on Atenanol.
I started paying attention to all kinds of salt intake--obvious--and NOT so obvious...
I stopped drinking Sodas. I stopped buying prepared foods and canned soups.
I learned, above everything else, to flip the container/can over and see how much Sodium was there.
I tried my best for 4 years--and every time i went back to this Dr. he scolded me for being "bad" in one area or another. I finally got sick and tired of it--and we ended our Dr./Patient relationship in a screaming match!
I confronted him for NOT trying anything new (in Meds), but always blaming me!
In due time--Atenanol for High BP was deemed to be more caustic than therapeutic....

Anyway--my awareness of what i was eating/drinking became a healthy habit. Now I do it automatically!

PLEASE learn to do this!!! Read the Nutritional labels on all the foods you buy. A MUST!!!!!
You will be surprised!!!! AND--DON'T forget--that info is for ONE serving.
Check to see how many servings are in that container!

A can of Campbell's Soup has 2 1/2 servings. DAH! Would you ever suspect that???/
The 900mg. plus of Sodium is for the ONE serving!!!! So, you eat the whole can--and now you have
consumed more than double of the Sodium recommended for a day's intake! SURPRISE!!!!
The recomended amount of Sodium per day is somewhere in the 2000mg. vicinity. Hmmmm?

The main thing is--that things DO NOT have to taste salty to have an abundance of sodium in it.
Sodium is a preservative! Anything sold "over the counter" has to be preserved somehow--right?

The solution is to NOT buy prepared foods. Cook your own! Do not use canned Broths--they are LOADED with Sodium. Make your own! Things like lunch meat and Hot Dogs, and Cheeses are bad for you....
Even some veggies have a naturally high Sodium content..Like Celery and Cucumbers....

Other influences are high levels of LDL's (the BAD cholesterol). Work on raising the levels of your HDL'S
(the GOOD cholesterol)....See your Dr. for advice on this.....
IF you smoke--STOP! DO NOT overindulge in Alcohol! etc...etc...etc......

Battling High B.P. is more a change of life-style than anything else....

All the exercises, and the walking, and all that is great...but remember--STRESS is a BIG contributor
to High BP. What do you do at work???? Are you struggling to meet all the expectations/deadlines?
Do you stay awake at night mulling about all you have to get done tomorrow??? STOP!

Find a Hobby that will take you to another level--where you can relax--and enjoy what you are doing.
Crafts are great! So is gardening! Woodworking! Building something! Cooking a great meal!

Learn to relax! Don't take everything to heart! Don't battle people--accept the differences!
IF you are a Type "A"--learn to realize that you cannot do everything in one day! Delegate! CHILL!

Have some fun.....enjoy a leisurely meal at home.....realize that you CANNOT
accomplish EVERYTHING you want to do in ONE day!!! Pace yourself! Stop being self-critical!!....

I could go on and on--as all that I have written I wish I could comply to as well...I AM all the above!
It helps to write things down and then to see yourself in the "mirror".....

Squeeze balls????? I suppose they are good stress-relievers.....So is mowing the lawn, weeding, or cooking
a huge pot-full of a great Soup--letting your creativity flow....Who needs recipes?????

Best to you all---BE WELL!!!

Vancouver, WA(Zone 8a)

Gita, thank you. There is no problem w/ my blood pressure it is my husband's BP. He is on a new regime of eating w/ me as his personal ENFORCER. Upping his intake of fresh fruit/vegs & removing processed foods from his diet, specifically his salty canned soup! While I am the major grocery shopper for us empty nesters he frequently stopped @ the store for canned soup, snack foods, & other high sodium items. New Rules! Did you find an MD that you can work with and trust?

Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)


YES! I did! And she is an amazing woman Dr. Love her!

She put me on "Triamterine" (a generic version of "Dyazide") and I have been doing great
ever since.

I guess my better eating habits, over the last several year, has helped a lot as well....
I have lived on my own (divorced) for 19 years now--so coking what I want comes naturally.
And cookalmost everything I eat.....with a VERY few regressions from Burger King...


Vancouver, WA(Zone 8a)

Gita, give me some good snacking ideas. I was just in the kitchen cutting up apples and pears w/ a slice of cheddar for him. I have to go research cheese now. thanks.

Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)


I AM a snacker! Knowing that--I try to snack on 'good" things--like carrots, grapes, a bit of nuts (Pistachios, usually),
I do not drink Sodas (rarely..), no canned goods or prepared meals or frozen dinners. Checking the Sodium on those makes my hair stand up!
I cook almost all of my own food and soups. Soups are fun to make--you can throw in anything and it
will still taste good. Start with some good marrow bones and simmer away.
Use frozen veggies if you do not have time to dice ans chop. They have almost no Sodium.
I never bake!--or i would eat it all....:o)

Snacking ideas...Hmmmm....I eat more carrots than Bugs Bunny! Fresh anything is good. I love fresh turnips cut up like carrot sticks. A nice Navel Orange--sectioned...Dried fruits are great--just have a lot of sugar.
Rice cakes (many flavors available) with a bit of Peanut Butter and honey....Yumm..

100% denial of anything can work against you. Occasionally--I will eat some chips and other snackies.
Once in a blue moon I will stop by Wendy's and get come chicken nuggets...sometimes I just crave
something like that. Or I will get a Whopper Jr. ($1.29) and that is enough for lunch.
I have a sweet tooth--and love a tiny bit of Chocolates or candy now an then. I buy the snack-size chocolates--then have a couple pieces--and I am good.

Nothing wrong with fruit and a bit of cheese! Some cheeses are more low-fat. Check the back of the packaging.

You can make your own low-fat. low salt dips by using plain yogurt and low fat Sour Cream.
Instead of dumping in one of those Lipton's dry soup mixes--(CHECK the Sodium in 1Tbs. of THAT!!!)
use fresh herbs and fresh dill and such. Dice up fine a bit of onion and celery and mix that in too. Eat with carrots and celery, cuke slices and fresh broccoli as a snack.

Does he like fish? A nice, low-fat substitute for burgers and steaks...and healthy too.

Tortillas filled with a bit of greens and sliced meat, scrambled eggs, etc...with some salad dressing mixed in...

I am sure you could find a cook-book somewhere that is filled with loads of ideas for low-salt cooking....

Perhaps you could go to a dietitian and get some good ideas for his diet?
Stopping all the processed foods will help him a lot. Canned Soups???? UGH!!!!

OK? I am out of ideas.....Gita

Vancouver, WA(Zone 8a)

Thank you thank you Gita.

Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)


My youngest daughter (lives in Seattle. She used to be a vegetarian for years!
Then she got a job at a nice family restaurant and they can have one meal a day free. No more vegetarian! Cheeseburgers rule! Yes! She has put on a bit of weight--but she used to be quite "fit"....

Her next dream place to live ? She has mentioned Vancouver....
However--she owns a townhouse, has met "The Man"--and he has moved in.
They still plan to maybe sell that house and buy a single home somewhere with a bit of a garden to it.

She is a wanderer...has a hard time living in one place for too long. So far, Seattle has set a new record! I think she has been there about 10 years not?

I am glad you accepted some of my suggestions. I am NOT a pro at dieting--but I do look after what id good for me--and--then--cheat now and then if it makes me happy....

I am 73 and look like late 50's. I still work 3 days a week at a HD. I have a good-sized house and am a HUGE gardener. Always doing something!!! Garden and lawn and flowers everywhere take all my free time....


best to you both---Gita

Alexandria, IN(Zone 6a)


The "squeeze ball" regimein thing was developed by the airforce to help prevent blackouts from G forces. One of the unforseen side effects was lowering blood pressure.

Deep East Texas, TX(Zone 8a)

Anastatia ~ has the testing found the reason for your husbands' high blood pressure? There is no doubt an underlying cause for your husbands blood pressure issue.

My husband had incredibly high blood pressure and testing found diminished kidney function. I have low, low blood pressure but will record high when I make my annual doctors' visit. Mine is white coat hypertension. I've learned to take it before I leave home and the Doctor has calibrated our monitor against his so will accept my reading.

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Vancouver, WA(Zone 8a)

Well, he reminded me the other night that up until 1990 he had NO problem w/ blood pressure (he was a runner) and he had excellent eye sight. He was Army Reserve, in a medical unit, and they were activated. He is immediately given a full physical . . blood pressure = good/excellent. Eye test = good/excellent - - no glasses. He is given the full battery of injections prior to being sent overseas. His group ended up in Germany. A week @ Landstuhl, Germany he went to sick-bay w/ the crud. His blood pressure was high, much higher then it was 8 weeks prior @ activation. The dr. put him on RX. His eye sight had deterioated and an RX for glasses, all the same day. I had forgotten this story. He said he thought he read something about this w/ similar side effects from other activated military. I am going to research this . . . where to begin?

Deep East Texas, TX(Zone 8a)

Not sure where to begin but I would start with looking at the injections given to start... wish I could be of more help.

The recent testing hasn't turned up any obvious issues?

Franklin, WI(Zone 5a)

I know this thread is kind of old, but I was looking for input/answers on high BP. I never had high BP until last fall....doctor gave me a prescription (hydrochlorothiazide) in October, I finally tried it a few days last week (I loathe taking pills). It made me feel weird, crabby, unable to focus so I stopped taking it. I'm pretty sure my increase in high BP is stress related....but how do you eliminate the stress when you're married to it?! Being in menopause, I no longer have the patience for little irritations...even the littlest things set me into an anxiety mode and I can feel the BP jumping higher. I need to lose weight, eat better etc etc, but trying to do these things causes me even more stress and anxiety.

Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)


Don't give up! There are hundreds of BP meds.....Your Dr. may experiment with
one or thew other--and when the right combination is found--you will be OK.

I just went through this....BP in the 185/105 (scared me to death!) and in 3 days
one small pill added to the one i was taking--and now it is like--128/78.

DO NOT stop on your own! it takes a while for your body to acclimatize to a new Rx.
Take it--and if it doesn't work--go back to your DR. and let her give you something different....
or add something to the one you are taking....

Your life and health depend on it!!!!


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