October doings

Waddy, KY

We sort of fell by by wayside this summer on a monthly thread and since Kathleen isn't here anymore to start the thread I thought maybe I would.

We are super dry here. Haven't had more than a quarter of an inch at any one time since July 4th. We've been feeding hay almost all summer. I didn't even bother with fall plantings because it was going to involve soaker hoses and sprinklers so the turnips and greens stayed in the packets and I never bothered to try to find cabbage and broccoli plants. The tomatoes finally started to grow after I stunted them with Round up and would have made a tremendous crop if they'd have had the time. I was watering them with a soaker. As it was I picked a lot of green tomatoes for pickles and relish. Now if it will rain I'll take up the fabric mat and plastic that was around them. As it is the landscape pegs are so firmly stuck in the ground there's no hope until then.

Cows are freshening for the fall run. Right now we've got one pair at the house with her calf because it appears she broke her front leg. We've got it spinted with a PVC pipe and vet wrap. Hopefully it'll heal straight enough for her to be useful. If not, I'm not keeping another cripple bovine around here. One is plenty.


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