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thin hair

Bolingbrook, IL(Zone 5a)

There are quite a few people on this forum with hair that is hard to style because it is thin and limp. My own hair is falling out - all over the place - because of the medication I need to take. I am 64, which is old but not so old that I do not care how I look! It is impossible to arrange my hair so that you cannot see the scalp underneath and I just hate that ! What about wigs? I did not see any one posting about wigs. I did have a wig once but it got all crinkly (?) and fuzzy on the part closest to my head. When I asked the place where I bought it she told me that it will always do that because it is caused by the heat of my head !! How can you wear a wig and not have it close to your scalp??? So I got discouraged and just stayed home a lot. Now I am considering another wig but first must learn about different kinds. Maybe there is one right for me. Any suggestions?

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