What annuals are you grown now?

Calgary, AB(Zone 3a)

Since this is the scene here...hard frosts most nights and the fountain has ice chunks floating mid afternoon, I am curious what the "Southern Folks" are growing.

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Ft Lauderdale, FL(Zone 10a)

It's a transitional period here in South Florida. Many of your typical Northern summer annuals are just beginning to become available for purchase. The majority of them won't be available for another 2-6 weeks. I'm growing some things from seed, but they are still in the growing process. Most seed grown "stuff", for winter color, can't be safely started until early/mid September. Here are some of the things I'm growing for South Florida winter color. Some are flowers that have always done well for me and others are brand new experiments this fall/winter.

Annual Lupine "Arroyo", Annual Lupine "Pixie Delight Mix", Lupine "Tiny Tots Mix", Icelandic Poppy, Poppy Flore Plano, Poppy Ladybird, Poppy Alba, Poppy Coral Reef, Texas Bluebonnet, Hollyhock Old Farmyard, Hollyhock Double Apricot, Hollyhock Spring Celebrities Mix, Sweet Pea Annie B Gilroy, Sweet Pea Cupani, Sweet Pea Janet Scott, Sweet Pea Winter Sunshine Cream, Sweet Pea Winter Sunshine Light Blue, Sweet Pea Winter Sunshine Scarlet, Petunia Can Can Cherry Rose, Petunia Sophistica Blue Morn, Petunia Avalanche Blue Star, Petunia Potunia Mixed Colors, Petunia Fuseable Key Lime Parfait, Stock Lucinda Mix, Stock Ten Week Bouquet, Stock Quartet Mix, Ranunculus Mache Mix, Ranunculus Bloomingdale Mix, Salpiglossis Chocolate Royale, Salpiglossis Kew Blue, Salpiglossis Stained Glass Mix, Gaillardia Arizona Red Shades, Gaillardia Torchlight, Calendula Candyman Yellow, Aster Coconut Ice, Nicotiana Lime Green, Clarkia Mountain Garland, Columbine Swan Pink & Yellow, Echinacea Strawberry Shortcake, Chrysanthemum Wirral Pride, Lisianthus Cinderella Lime, Celosia Spring Green, Morning Glory Heavenly Blue, Morning Glory Crimson Rambler, Snapdragon Rocket Red, White, Yellow, Snapdragon Plum Blossom, Agrostemma Milas, Agrostemma Ocean Pearls.

As always there will be some successes and some failures with the above mentioned. With flowers like Poppies, Lupines I tried to stick to annual types for the most part. The perennial types would probably survive through the next summer.

Here's some first blooms on Celosia "Spring Green" this morning.


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