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beautiful bee homes to see

Plano, TX

i just love these bee homes and the creater is a Dave's Gardener!! check out his site and look at the nice quality and great prices!! i plan to ask my hubby for a bee house from his selection.


Coos Bay, OR(Zone 9a)

Planolinda---I bought two of his Mason Bee boxes and they are beautiful. My DH couldn't believe how gorgeous they were and said they were too nice to hang outside. I did it anyway, of course, but at least there is an overhang on the greenhouse and I put it on the east end wall. Now, I can't wait to see if they hatch. Last time I checked, it looked like there was some plugging going on. Hope so.

Plano, TX

oh i look forward to hearing of your results! i see from your name you are a bee lover!

Coos Bay, OR(Zone 9a)

Yes, I am, and all the other wonderful creatures in my garden as well.

Kalispell, MT(Zone 4b)

Do these come with a queen or eggs? I have few masons in my garden and would like more.

Coos Bay, OR(Zone 9a)

No--no eggs. I think the idea is.... provide a nesting spot and they will come.

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