Problem with candles adhereing to sides of jars

Jasper, AL

Hope someone can offer some advise on this problem. It appears after my candles cool and have set the candle is not sticking to the sides of the jars, what could be causing this. I warm the jars prior to setting my wicks but the problem is still occuring, please help

Calgary, Canada

I expect the wax is contracting on cooling?
I wonder if you cooled the wax some before pouring into jars?
---just a thought.

When I made candles I used the cardboard milk cartons as a mould,
and they would peel off from the candles.

One that I remember doing was to place a wick down the center of the 2 liter milk carton.
Then pack crushed ice or ice cubes into the carton around the wick.
Then pour melted wax over the ice. Let it set over night and then peel the carton off.
It gave interesting almost translucent candles.

New Berlin, PA

the owner of here - are you using soy wax if so try your G444 also let your wax cool down to around 105 degrees stir a couple of times then pour into your jars that are at room temp.

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Union Grove, WI(Zone 5b)

I just got a candle making kit (soy), haven't made a candle yet, but have been studying all day. I saw this tip on a number of websites.....heat up the jar using a hairdryer, then pour in the wax, if the jar is cool when the wax goes in it will separate from the jar.

Again.. haven't tried it but saw that tip a few times today :-)

Lodi, CA

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Ontario, CA

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