Landisburg, PA(Zone 6a)

we have a water bed and we need to get something else now...what is your favorite mattress???

Oakland, CA(Zone 9b)

Stearns and Foster, or Simmons Black label. But NOT a pillowtop - they are fashionable, but a terrible idea. The pillowtop indents permanently after a while and is impossible to fluff up again.

15 yrs we bought a pillowtop (both sides) S&F, top of the line. This year I insisted upon replacing it, because it was giving me a backache every morning. This was despite regularly turning it - not an easy thing with a CA King size! Had we gotten a standard mattress we probably could have gone another 5+ yrs before replacement.

Laceys Spring, AL(Zone 7a)

I agree with the Simmons beautyrest Black laabel, no pillow top. Have had ours about a year now and love it. Worth every dime.

Loudonville , OH(Zone 5b)

I have scoliosis and Fibromyalgia with a lot of back problems. My back pain has almost disappeared since I got the memory foam mattress about 4 years ago. I followed a Consumers Report that found that the Spa Sensations memory foam that Walmart was selling was as good if not better than the very expensive brand. I wouldn't advise getting anything less than 8 inches thick. They can be put on your old innerspring foundation or on just a firm platform. It depends on how high you want your bed to be. Also the Mediflo pillow (sold by Amazon) has solved my neck problems & morning headaches. Now if I could just be as pain free when I am up moving around-----maybe I will just stay in bed a while longer. LOL

Mount Bethel, PA(Zone 6a)

We have a Stearn's and Foster Pillow Top. When the top wasn't working out, I turned it over (just a board showing) and put a 4" memory foam pad on top that I bought from for 150.00 for the king bed. It's WONDERFUL this way. As a matter of fact, when my daughter tested it, instead of buying a new mattress, which she needed, she bought a full queen memory foam mattress. It was originally over 3000.00 at Sleepy's but she got the floor model (on the floor one week) for 900.00 and this too is a wonderful thing.

Loudonville , OH(Zone 5b)

The Spa Sensations Memory Foam mattress was rated higher than the expensive brand of memory foam mattress in the Consumers magazine. I just got an 8" Full size for my daughter from Walmart and it was $179 plus tax. You can only get the larger sizes (over 4 inches thick) on-line from Walmart and then shipping is free if you have it sent to your local store. My daughter & son-in-law didn't take my recommendation too seriously. Then when I got tired of hearing her complain about back pain and start talking about a new mattress, I got her the memory foam (just a week ago). They both say that their backs haven't felt this good for years. None of us would ever go back to a regular mattress.

Mount Bethel, PA(Zone 6a)

I'll be recommending the Spa sensations, then!! Thanks

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