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Des Plaines, IL(Zone 5b)

Hey, all - I just happened upon a seed company that I never heard of that seems to have these really, really gorgeous plant seeds. It's called Taste.ecrater.com. Check out this plant . . . http://taste.ecrater.com/p/3406843/alonsoa-incisifolia-40-seeds-cut-leaf. Does anyone know anything about this company? Seeds a bit pricey. Should I try them?

south central, WI(Zone 5a)

Never heard of it, but the selection is fascinating. Considering the cost on some of the seeds at Burpee, T/M..these might not be so out of sight. I might start with some annuals that I admired (after holiday$$$$) and see what I get. I like the one African iris, but am not going to house any more plants over the winter.

Des Plaines, IL(Zone 5b)

I think that's what I'll do, just get a couple annuals. I know - the selection is amazing - like plants from another world!

Wow - some beautiful, unusual selections. I was wondering - I know folks have ordered seeds on Ebay but I never have due to not being quite sure about the integrity of the company or the product (just me questioning). I see on one of the other pages that this company originally started on Ebay. Am I being overly suspicious or do I need to adapt to the "real" world? :)

south central, WI(Zone 5a)

Didn't even think to check on eBay. I know that I ordered daylilies from a few folk on eBay (I usually drool on Lily Auction site). One of the orders ended up tiny plants-you get what you pay for..they were cheap. The others were good.
Maybe they used eBay just to "test the waters"?...I think caution is good, starting out slow with ability to check.
The "real world" currently not getting rave reviews...I try to proceed with caution!

Des Plaines, IL(Zone 5b)

[quote="The "real world" currently not getting rave reviews...[/quote]

Love that statement! Cindy, being cautious is not being overly suspicious - a little caution is what keeps us safe. Cool plants, though. Think I'll order a few things, then report results (positive or negative) on Watchdog.

Duly tagged! I'm wondering if some of the tropicals (and aren't a lot of our annuals tropicals?) are any tougher to germinate. I've managed passion flowers and stephanotis but failed at bird-of-paradise. Already have seed germinating mix on my Christmas list and really won't look at seeds until after Christmas.

Des Plaines, IL(Zone 5b)

Gosh, you're way ahead of me - my seed starting consists of tomatoes in peat pots and scattering some four o'clocks on the ground. BUT, I am becoming fascinated by seed starting. I've heard of gibberellic acid (sp??) as being an agent of germination. I'm looking at seeds now because I want to winter sow some perennials and see how it works!

Bloomingdale, OH(Zone 6a)

Buying seeds on evilbay is just like buying most everything else. Check the feedback, read the ENTIRE description carefully and ask questions. Unhappy customers aren't shy about it and it's easy to see the trends.

For the most part, I was satisfied with the seed and plant purchases I made in the past, and I will probably make more in the future if finances improve.

For now I'm seeking SASE trades and donations LOL


I do start most of my seeds indoors so I do start looking at the catalogs early. No better endeavor after the holidays are gone.

Des Plaines, IL(Zone 5b)

Mornin, I think trading seeds is the oldest and best way to increase your stock! Cindy, I agree - nothing like pouring over seeds catalogs in January with a hot cup of tea and lots of dreams!

One of my favorite ways to recover from the hectic holidays, especially when it's frigid outside. Seems to bring a personal balance. It's tempting to look at them now since some of the 2011 catalogs have already started mingling with the rest of the Christmas catalog onslaught but I don't want to rush through them.

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