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D. filiformis (I think) seed!

Arlington, TX

I just went out to water my cp "bog" and brought back in the dried flower stalk from what I think is D. filiformis. Here is what came out of the dried structures. Are these seeds? They are about the size of pepper maybe a little smaller.

Thumbnail by newtonsthirdlaw
north coast nsw, Australia

look like seeds. Not sure if they need stratifying before they will germinate though.

Arlington, TX

I looked that up today and apparently they do need a winter chill to germinate. I might sow half outside in late winter, Feb. or so and try half chilled in the fridge. Would be cool to have a whole pot of these.

Arlington, TX

Here is an odd thing. The parent plant showed up this summer in a pot that had been planted since late spring. I assume it was in the sphagnum moss I put on top (dried). That seed germinated without a chill?

Tampa, FL(Zone 9b)

I don't think D. filiformis needs stratification as an absolute must, but I would still stratify it to have a better chance of germination. You may have had 100 seeds in that pot and only one germinated. Or you may have had a hibernaculum and didn't recognize it.

D. filiformis does come from Florida as well as othe rlocations, and we don't always have cold weather, and we are usually dry in the winter.

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