alternative madicine

Bolingbrook, IL(Zone 5a)

A few years ago my sister looked into Quantum Touch so we - my sisters and I - read what ever we could find on it . It was interesting and one sister started to practice and learn how to do it. I did not have the patience, I was always in a hurry. But she was able to do little experiments , like keeping flowers fresh for longer than usual after picking them and taking them in to her home. After a while she started to “work” on one of her fingers that is starting to become disfigured by arthritis. I held that hand and honestly doubted she could make it better. I was wrong. Not that she got completely healed and free of all arthritis but that finger did straighten out. My oldest daughter has for years and years done meditation and is able to do things. She told me how to start but I guess I am too lazy. Her new husband did not understand what she was doing when she meditated. It is like her religion. Finally she told him to lay flat on the floor and she would make the spot just between his eyebrows turn red and feel warm. He laughed and said “sure sweet heart” Three minutes later he jumped up and wanted to run and did not know which direction to go. No more doubts. There it is, right where she said she would put it. There is another alternative treatment called reiki (not sure about that spelling) I do not know anything about that one but I believe we could do miracles if we were able to go there, where ever it is that people find this strength.

So.App.Mtns., United States(Zone 5b)

There is SO much we have forgotten over centuries about the energy fields that not only run our bodies, but surround us and affect us in many, many ways. Generally they are called "subtle energies" and they affect our gardens and pets just as much as they affect our bodies.

In agriculture, there is a move to understand those energies, and it's called Quantum Agriculture.

There's an interesting concept resurfacing about "Earthing", which is what happens when we go barefoot, touching the earth...

Jesus said in the Bible something to the effect of "All these things I do, and more, can you do."

Our mindset is the biggest barrier.

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