SVG files for Sure Cuts A Lot for Cricut

Auburn, AL(Zone 8a) for X-mas Santa brought me a laptop and Sure Cuts A Lot 2 software for my Cricut machine..anyone have favorite sites or places they find the SVG files they would like to share?

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Victoria Harbour, ON

Waving Araness,

Just bought the smaller circut expression yesterday, opened it up last night and what!

Northeast, AR(Zone 7a)

You might want to join these two yahoo groups designed for SCAL users. Both sites are full of information.

I haven't actually used any SVG files yet, but I have played around with SCAL and different fonts I have on my computer. I love that I can use any font I can install on my computer. How fun and versatile!

Betty, now let the fun begin! :-)

Victoria Harbour, ON

OMG now that's really very computer to put the program cartridges in but that's about it..oh my!!!

Auburn, AL(Zone 8a)

lol Betty it's easy peasy..I'm not very tech savy myself and I figured it out without even reading a manual.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Don't know about that, will have to check it out when I have a few minutes..

How have you been, long time since we've been on same thread..

Auburn, AL(Zone 8a)

busy busy..we've moved and I've started playing with cakes. Still do my veggie garden and need to start lurking in flower threads as I now have a yard worth landscaping.

How have you been?

Victoria Harbour, ON

Fine, life never seems to change so I am o k with that!

Will have to go check out Sure cuts a lot program..interesting

Got an iPad last night and am enjoying playing and learning so who knows might be able to master the files.

See the cake circuit is on sale, if you are into cakes perhaps it might be a good investment...same cartridges can be used...I am tempted to check the blade casing to see if it would fit in the cricut...seems such a waste for someone to need 2 units...some reports on Internet say they use theirs without different cutting unit and it works fine....

Are you selling your baked goods?

Auburn, AL(Zone 8a)

thanks Betty but I purchased one when they first came out, I use it for things other than the norm, cutting out flower petals (i made my own templates to use with Sure Cuts A Lot) saves tons of time.

DH wants an Ipad but have to finish furnishings the new house first.

Glad to hear your doing well.

Below is one of my cakes

Thumbnail by araness
Victoria Harbour, ON

OMG absolutely gorgeous..I assume you are now selling?

Just started to snow again, was going to drive into Barrie, there was a new/used sale this morning at 8am and a lady had all kinds of new/used circut cartridges for sale, but decided might stay in my jammies and play!lol

Did you move a distance?

You'll enjoy planning those new gardens..

I checked out the 'sure cuts a lot' on internet but must do so again and read up further..

Enjoy your day, am sure Texas weather is just what one needs to warm up in...

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