vigna caracalla, can anyone help me get some?

Brisbane, Australia

I've been trying to find vigna caracalla for a while but have only got the purple one, which came from ebay. I bought some seeds but have had no luck in germinating them. I've soaked them overnight and am reading about nicking seeds but am worried I will be clumsy and damage the seed.

Brisbane, Australia

just found some plants on ebay..yeeha!

(Zone 10b)

Quote from Tanzen :
just found some plants on ebay..yeeha!

Hi Tanzen.

I'm in Byron Bay NSW and have been looking for a Corkscrew (Vigna Caracalla) PLANT [ie NOT SEEDS - couldnt get the seeds I purchased to germinate] as well.

I'm not wanting the Snail (Phaseolus Caracalla) Plant (the purple, not fragrant one)

but DEFINITELY the purple-pink-white-tan coloured vine that is fragrant...

Sounds to me that you found a plant for sale in our area.

Wondering if you'd be willing to onpass the seller's details?

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