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Lewes, DE

I've been thinking about adding a few young koi to my established pond which have shubunkin that were born in the pond. Any tips/suggestions? Any good place on the net to buy 1/2 doz? I'm not particular about show quality or color.

Phoenix, AZ

Koi get HUGE and create a lot of waste. How many gallons is your pond? Check with the local KOI clubs, they often know of people needing to reduce their stock or rescue KOI from foreclosures (free)


Fish_Knees is right. You already mentioned that you have a load of goldfish and the goldfish will continue to multiply multiple times through the season. This will all contribute to your fish waste, which in turn will have an effect on your water quality and oxygen levels. Do you have a bottom drain? I did see on a previous post where your pond was 4-5000 gals.

I did google your city and state and also put in koi. There is one that is about 40 miles from you - Delmarva Koi and Water Gardens. I know nothing about this place, so I cannot attest to whether they are a reputable place or not, however, it would save you quite a bit of money to go there instead of having your koi shipped. Also, this way - you could pick out what you wanted.

Stamford, CT(Zone 6b)

Koi do grow, and in my experience can they can be quite aggressive. My pond is much more controlled as it is indoors, but I bought 2 butterfly koi about 8 months ago, and one of them has greatly increased in size. I think its head is 50% larger. Also, they eat just about anything in the pond. The other butterfly koi has not grown, but spends most of its day darting around. The other 2 koi in the pond, both large and small are more complacent, like the goldfish.

If you can get to a water garden vendor, they can advise you well, and their fish are generally well priced, but it is so easy to empty your wallet. Most vendors suggest adding to the pond in the spring.

Phoenix, AZ

Once I added KOI I could no longer have plants. They are diggers and will uproot EVERYTHING, bless their little pointed heads.

I have read where they say you can either have a koi pond or a water garden. I use egg rock over my waterlilies. This does seem to help keep the koi from uprooting them.

Stamford, CT(Zone 6b)

They CAN make life interesting.

Everything in the water is plastic. Everything botanical is above the water in pots.

I love the koi. I would hate to be without them - like I have said to my daughter, if anybody can get emotionally attached to a fish, it would be me!

I have plants in and plants out. I have had some plants that the fish eat down to nothing. I did not buy those plants again. The waterlilies, have the egg rock in their baskets and then I have a bank of water celery that cascades into the water. The fish love to eat that as well - the water celery tends to take over though, so I don't mind. I love watching the fish trying to pull at the water celery with all their might...... they can tug pretty hard!

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Lewes, DE

Hey, Carolyn 22! I graduated from Mansfield. I googled Athens because I kept thinking I sounded familiar. Gets COLD up there!

It does get cold. The cold is getting to be real old too - it is time for the warmer weather!

springfield area, MO(Zone 5b)

I have goldfish and I love them. They get good sized, I have one about 7 or 8 inches now. They come in different colors, are hardy, and don't eat my plants hardly at all. They come up to me when I am out there wanting fed.
They overwinter well.
I even have some with the veil tails and they do fine. Unless a person just particularly wants koi, I think they are overrated. Goldfish do everything I want, without being over grown, eating my plants, needing lots of depth and gallonage, and I don't have to worry about them as much in the winter as I would with koi. Plus they are cheap, and easy to find. I have some commets that are very bright colored, and I really like them. I also have a white goldfish, and some that have black and 'blue' colored spots on them.

Goldfish are nice, however they are just too prolific for me. It is hard enough trying to fish out the baby koi every year, but they are no where near as prolific as the goldfish.

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Stamford, CT(Zone 6b)

Nice picture Carolyn. Hard as I try, it is difficult to get a good photo of my fish.

Frilly, I, too, get more pleasure from goldfish than koi, but they seem to like the colocasia as much as the koi do. Experience is a good teacher.

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Cathy - thank you. Love your picture too. Your koi are so sweet.

(Mary) Anchorage, AK(Zone 4b)

What gorgeous fish. I would give my left toe, maybe more, to be able to have anything even close.

springfield area, MO(Zone 5b)

throw in a minnow trap with some bread in the spring, after the babies get an inch long or so.
Pull it out in an hour or so.
Give them away!


Frilly -

tried that for baby koi - unfortunately it does not work. Also, we have long since exhausted everyone that would possibly think about taking baby koi.

When we had goldfish - they spawned monthly from April to October. At least with the koi, it is only once a year for each female. Part of my problem is that all my fish are of breeding age as well.

We put in some bullfrog tads last year. I am hoping this takes care of the problem with small fry. Won't know until we can open up the pond and then clear up the murk we get each winter. Seems to be late this year.....

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(Mary) Anchorage, AK(Zone 4b)

I just made a deal to buy two koi from Kentucky Koi. He is on the koi website I go to. They will ship fedex in June, 24 hour delivery. Don't your big koi eat the little fry. I see fry in my pond, probably gold fish, each summer but they never survive. Either they are eaten or simply can't weather (no pun intended) the long winters. I need to read back to see how long your pond is under ice.


Koi will eat the eggs, and when the koi fry are over a certain age, - I believe it is about 3 days or so from what I have read, the koi recognize the fry as fish and do not eat them. With this type of scenario, I still end up fishing 50-60 fry out each year. I am really hoping the tads take care of this problem for me moving forward.

(Mary) Anchorage, AK(Zone 4b)

Huh. Didn't know that. Lots of species eat their young so I didn't really think about it. shame you can't sell them, but then you said you weren't sure if they were koi or goldfish?

No, they are definitely koi. I haven't had any goldies in 8 or 9 years.

springfield area, MO(Zone 5b)

bull frogs will eat anything they can fit down. And I was shocked how large of a fish of mine a bf ate :(
Last year I lost a nice white and black speckled fish "Oreo" to a bull frog. I netted the frog out the next day and took it to an area pond. Although really I felt he deserved the guillotine lol

I am hoping that takes care of the issue with the small fry.....

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