Wii vs X-Box?

North Saanich, Canada

Anyone out there use either of these? I have used the Wii in the past and liked it. Now we have an X-box that we got free with our telephone hookup, and I have the Kinect Sports, plus also got the EA Sports ACtive. I have tried the EA and am just not that thrilled with it, because there are some things in it I just can't do, and it won't let you proceed any further unless you complete it. Anyone have any experience with this?? I do like the sports game.
Any thoughts would be appreciated.


Shepherd, MT

Is it just the X box or is it the X box 360

central, NJ(Zone 6b)

We have Wii and like it. The kids LOVE it

North Saanich, Canada

It's the 360.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Almost afraid to get back on the wii, been awhile and know the computer icon will be giving me the what for..lol

I did purchase the kinnect for my boys families and they think it's the best thing since sliced bread..believe it has the capability of monitoring body moves etc. and makes sure they are done correctly

North Saanich, Canada

Yes, I agree on the kinect, although it is certainly not exact with some of the moves. There are some that I do , it just will NOT accept. I know what you mean about the Wii giving you the what for!! When I was using my son's, I loved it when the avatar just hung it's head!!!

Victoria Harbour, ON

It's the one that says ...haven't seen you for awhile... That scares the beejeebers out of me...once I got off the unit to let the dog out and it said I wouldn't reach my goal if I didn't stick to it. Or one friday when it asked what I had planned for the weekend? Now someone says she only sleeps her memory for 30 days so just maybe I can sneak in lol

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