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My pond is about 1,000 gal, I enlarged it 4 years ago and lost most of my fish. I was left with 3 goldfish, I bought 2 beautiful Ryukin Goldfish, hoping they would spawn together. For the first 2 years they just grew, and last year they did get together, several times. They had some of the most beatiful goldfish I ever saw, some were just gold but most are a mixture of gold, red, white & black, they look like Koi some with extra tails. I went out the other day to feed them, I counted 5 adults and about 40 frys 5"-6" to 2". My problem is they will be more than I need, but what am I going to do when they start spawning? My DH says just put them in the big pond, they will just be fish food, I hate to do that . I wish some of you'all were around so I could give them to you. Does anyone have any suggestions, I don't guess there is any to keep them from spawning is there? I need HELP!!!!

(Mary) Anchorage, AK(Zone 4b)

A lady at another thread had the same problem. She got a bull frog. It will eat the fry, but you have to be sure it isn't big enough to eat your fish. If it can fit it into its mouth, it will eat it. Wish I could have some of your extras but they wouldn't survive up her. Or so I am told about Ryukin. They are so beautiful.


I had that problem with goldies. Love goldies, they are just far too prolific for DH and me. I have heard of people offering the babies on Craigslist, or you could put an ad in the newspaper. If you have a local pet shop, offer the fry to them or if you have a carnival that comes to your town, you could offer the fry up to them. If you have young children, I would give them as gifts at birthday parties. There are a lot of things you can do. We gave a lot of our fry to a friend of ours that owns a nursery and sells fish and fish products.

When I had goldfish, they grew to a decent size. I know some of the ones we had had grown to a good 10" in size by the time we did finally get rid of them.

Goldfish are definitely prolific. When we had them, they bred all the time - at least monthly from April to October. Because your zone is warmer than mine, you may get spawning for a longer period than I did.

Let us know what you do and good luck with what you decide.

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(Mary) Anchorage, AK(Zone 4b)

Carolyn, what is the silvery box looking thing to the left of your pond pic? Lovely pond.


Thank you. That is a boat launch. DH looked all over the place for a nice wooden boat and then my FIL made oars for the boat. DH wanted a boat launch in the worst way when we put in this pond.....DH makes sure the boat comes in when it is raining and has a special container that he bought for the boat.

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(Mary) Anchorage, AK(Zone 4b)

a boat launch?? I had to read that twice. Your pond is large enough to float a boat?? My heavens.


Good Heavens no..... LOL. ^_^

The boat is probably about 2 ft long or so. In this picture, you can see the size of the boat launch in relation to the size of the car.

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Lewes, DE

Yippie! Today is nice enough in southern Delaware for me to get out and start cleaning the pond. I hosed off the pump, attached the fountain head, started up the waterfall and netted out a ton of leaves.

I mentioned in another thread that I wasn't sure if a frog floating in the upper pond was hibernating or dead. Let me assure you, it's DEAD. I fished it out and tossed it into the woods. What a stink. Times like that, I wish I still had a guy around to do the dirty work!
The fish are perking up and two frogs have appeared poking their heads out of the water.
I'm off to Lowe's now in search of a new net and other things for the spring cleanup.
I'm also stopping by a friend's who is moving. She is letting me dig up some bamboo from her patch in the back yard. She 's also giving me a bunch of flower pots, some of which will end up in the pond. Love freebies!
Any wisdom on how to plant the bamboo near/in the pond. She said it's a variety that does not spread quickly.

Pondlove - I am soooooo envious! They are calling for the possibility of 2 ft of snow tomorrow. My pond journals from the previous 2 years tell me that we were starting up about now. I think it is going to be awhile for us. I know we have started up as late as April in some years. I sincerely hope that is not the case this year.....

I am thrilled for you. I would still plant the bamboo in a pot and then put it into the ground so you can see for yourself how quickly it spreads. What your friend may not think as spreading quickly may be entirely different to you.

Please post pictures of your progress - I'd love to see.

(Mary) Anchorage, AK(Zone 4b)

About bamboo - I think I read somewhere else that someone had bamboo but their liners as it spread. Might want to watch for that. Potting it up might be the better idea.

So, Carolyn, do YOU go out in the little boat, or is it just to float little toy boats. I am just having a hard time picturing this. Obviously. Too literal minded i guess. ;)


it is just a toy wooden boat....

(Mary) Anchorage, AK(Zone 4b)

Ahhh. Just checkin' :)
And the prior note was that the bamboo as it spread and grew, grew through the liner and cut it.

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